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About Tale of Banners

Tale of Banners is a brand new realistic low-fantasy Minecraft roleplay server. Boasting over 100 pages of detailed lore on the servers unique cultures alone, Tale of Banners is among some of the most in-depth servers you will find.

Our server features several systems and plugins which come together to create the gritty and functional medieval atmosphere of Tale of Banners. Players can mine without restriction in the servers mines, hunt for treasure in the many hidden dungeons and ruins and even become King of their own Kingdom through our nation's system.

Alongside our adventure and settlements systems the server is also proud of its realistic, intricate building style and an experienced staff team who try their best to ensure everyone is treated equally. Tale of Banners has just opened its doors to the wider world and already has a strong community following, Join now for a medieval experience where the mud feels like real mud.

Adventure and Treasure

Across the land of Esna there are scores of incredible caves, dungeons and ruins that are just waiting to be found by any wandering explorer. Each of these dungeons and ruins contain hidden treasures provided by our chest system that allows you gain different and varying rewards!

Instead of player buildings sitting abandoned for years, on Tale of Banners abandoned settlements and strongholds become ruins for players to discover and search for treasure. These systems combined can make any stroll on our server into an adventure!

Physical Currency

Here on Tale of Banners there are no professions plugins, players can do whatever they like to make their weekly Kuras (a physical In-game currency which uses gold ingots and nuggets). Each settlement is supplied with land for farming and woodcutting and all major produce can be sold in the servers cities at NPC shops or more preferably between other players to create roleplay.

This means you can work in the fields and get paid for an honest days work. The main products bought in the city currently support woodcutters, miners, farmers, hunters and even fishemen. Tale of Banners is a realistic medieval roleplay server which means its all up to the player to decide how they earn their bread.

Low-Fantasy Medieval

Tale of Banners is set in a gritty, cruel medieval world which we have labeled “Low-Fantasy”. The server follows the motto “It doesn't have to be scientifically possible, just scientifically plausible” this means themes such as miraculous alchemy, dangerous monsters and amazing geography are valid on Tale of Banners but multiple races (such as elves and orcs), immortality, talking dragons and other high fantasy themes are not.

The world of Esna is a violent and dangerous one, without magic the only defense against an enemy is cold steel.

Apply through the whitelist area on our forums to be accepted!