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  • Small Update: For the moment, the server is on hiatus. This is largely due to personal things in our head staff's lives, as well as other projects we have been working on and work. We do eventually plan to return, but it may take some time. Feel free to come to me with any questions in the meantime, I will try to respond as best I can.
    Hey everyone, we will be reviewing many posts on the forums, as well as systems in order to provide clarification and catch up to where we should be.
    Hey everyone, was popping in to say we going to be working on this thing again soon! Things are moving and looking up!
    Hello all onlookers, I am actively seeking help from you guys to assist in the lore process. If you think you have the chops put in an app!
    We will be going over whitelist applications just prior to beta launch. Don't be surprised if there is little accepting or denying prior to then.
    Over the next few weeks, I am going to see what I can do personally to get things on a good track.
    If anyone wants more information, I highly recommend checking out the discord.
    Looking for anyone who wants to join the lore team, or knows anything about plugins.
    Kicking back into gear. Any applicants that want updates, information, or anything else, message me in conversation.
    I would like any potential applicants to know that I will only be on for a little each day for the next few weeks.
    Hello I would just like to inform you that i fu=ixed the questions you asked me to do and i even rewrote my Characters back story. I just want to thank you for taking your time to go through and look over my application. again thank you and have a nice day.
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