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    Intrigue Application

    Application submitted for T3 App sent to the app team
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    Builder Application- Wxlt

    Here's the compilation on Imgur instead, then:
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    Builder Application- Wxlt

    Thanks for the feedback, I do admit most of the buildings did not follow as many build guidelines as preferred. I have spent some time with these builds that follow the guidelines and would fit the world much better. Feild house Blacksmith Inn/Tavern (inside) Small house (inside) Bridge Hill...
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    The complete(kinda) guide to Cyrine Ornaid.

    Heya there, since it's long and I want to keep the formatting, let's just make it easy and shove the link in here. The doc contains essentially everything current about Cyrine, mentioned in roleplay or not as I greatly enjoy character building. Times are varied and don't always line up. Have...
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    Builder Application- Wxlt

    Builder Application Format Minecraft Username: Wxlt Which cultural building styles do you prefer building? Oserian / Korsian / Northerner / Drahl (Or you can use more specific geographical areas e.g “Northerner Melting Lands” style.) Northerner What do you deem important when building on a...
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    ACCEPTED Whitelist Application- Wxlt

    Minecraft Username(s): -Wxlt Full UUID for your MineCraft account(s) (Found here): -f137e05e-8e1c-463e-ae13-0f5426b12d22 What is your age? (We need to know this as our server has an age restriction) -15 Have you read the server rules? (Found here) -Yes Do you agree with the server rules...