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  1. LodroK

    KordoL/LodroK's thoughts on the Crookmen

    Introduction I have been interested in many servers I have entered and ended up giving a lot of suggestions to the lore. My suggestions today should just focus on the culture I'm hooked on: The Crookmen and consequently the Crookmire. Crookmire I have noticed "ranching" and "mushroom picking"...
  2. LodroK

    KordoL/LodroK's Introduction

    Well, Hello. I am new to the server and have caught myself being hooked on it. I myself look for the next event. If you ever need help or just wanna talk, I'm in the discord ^^
  3. LodroK

    ACCEPTED LodroK's Whitelist Application.

    Whitelist Application Format Copy and paste this application into a new post on the ‘Whitelist Applications’ section of the forums, place your answers next to the ( - ). The application is made up of four sections and you must answer everything for it to be accepted. The Tale of Banners...