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  1. NTE_Killer4life

    PINNED Plugin Idea?

    If you wish to share a plugin with the Staff that you feel should be implemented please submit the following form and we will take a look at it! Plugin name: Link to the plugin: Why do you think this would be a good addition to the server?: Where on the internet did you find the plugin?:
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    I think in the future when the forums are finally in one piece that there should be a team in charge of the wiki. Updating it, fixing typos, and keeping it organized and adding different pages. So along with the Application team, event team, etc. There would be a Wiki Team.
  3. NTE_Killer4life

    Rate The above Users Profile Picture

    I played this game a long time ago elsewhere, and it's pretty fun. When you post a comment, you rate the user above your comment's profile picture out of 10. Ready Set. GO! Please?
  4. NTE_Killer4life

    A Grulk skin needed [Completed]

    I know the forums aren't very active as of now, but when they are, I'm hoping there is a great skin creator around. I want a skin created of a grulken character, the reference for such a skin would be my profile picture.
  5. NTE_Killer4life

    Orrin's Love

    A story of one of my dwarven characters. “The young dwarf grew up in the Far North in the old world within a Dwarven mountain settlement. His kin and family were always close to him, teaching him how to read, write, and carry out various chores such as mining. The young dwarf did not ask for...
  6. NTE_Killer4life

    Mettaton vs Frisk

  7. NTE_Killer4life

    The splintered Crest

    ((A story about two clans warring against each other)) The Splintered Crest Upon the oaken gates of the Sundrina clan’s hall were dwarves, dwarves that were armored, the Sundrina clan crest upon their backs and painted upon their bearded faces. They were reinforcing the gate against their rival...
  8. NTE_Killer4life

    Narrative Fantasy poem

    A narrative poem I have created almost a year ago for a grade, involving the poetry unit. The tale of Belrim ireheart Long ago, in the realm of Anthos lived an Ireheart. Belrim was his name and he lacked strong wit. His beard was long and his words as sour as a fruity tart. His kin would...
  9. NTE_Killer4life

    The Story of Brail

    I had to write this piece of lore for a particular place to validate the use of brail in rp a year ago. D= Dwarven tongue Long ago, in the deep halls of a Dwarven Kingdom lived a dwarf, Sloin Sandbeard. He was a noble of his kingdom but never toiled away in the mines or the smithies. Instead...
  10. NTE_Killer4life

    Shakespearean Sonnet

    This is a sonnet I had to write when I was in 8th grade English and I feel like sharing it. (2 years ago) Fantasy should I compare you to the imprisonment of school? The vast field of your realms intrigue me so. You help me escape from the stress, and I think you are cool. Amazement fills my...
  11. NTE_Killer4life

    PENDING Diseases/Illnesses of Esna

    ~Lore Ideas Format~ Lore creator(s): NTE_Killer4life Lore inspiration (If any): Prebuz's lore for herbal remedies from the Drahl section Lore (please be detailed, must be AT LEAST 2-3 paragraphs,maximum of 10 ): Key: 1st is disease name. 2nd is where/how it can be contracted and the...
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    Getting to Know me.

  13. NTE_Killer4life

    PENDING The Grulken (Expansion)

    ~Lore Ideas Format~ Lore Creator(s): Original creator would be Bill. I expanded it a bit and I am hoping it will suffice. Lore Inspiration (If any): Drahl lore/ Grulk Lore (please be detailed, Must be AT LEAST 2-3 paragraphs,maximum of 10 ): Origin The Grulk first lived in the icy tundra...
  14. NTE_Killer4life

    ACCEPTED NTE_Killer4life's Whitelist Application

    1. OOC Information: Please try your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling mistakes. This is a roleplay server and if accepted, writing will be your main form of communication while online. MC Username- NTE_Killer4life How old are you?- I am 16 years old. What is your favorite...