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    ACCEPTED Nobility Application

    its supposed to say men
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    Lost items

    i fell to my death and re spawned at the tutorial area and lost all my stuff and am unable to get out or reclaim my lost items
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    PENDING Event Team Aplication

    -Grand_Nobly -THE TUMS ARE TERRORISTS#6057 -15 -Mountain Daylight Time -Yes -Creating an immersive fair and fun event that blends into the world and fits server lore -a large dungeon where players fight bosses and do puzzles in order to unlock exclusive weapons armor and lore items...
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    ACCEPTED Nobility Application

    Noble House Application Format This application is used to record new and existing families of nobility on our server. Keep in mind that being part of a noble family will leave you at the risk of being permanently killed if murdered through roleplay. Nobility is able to request land from a...
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    ACCEPTED whitelist application

    Ive edd I've edited it.
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    ACCEPTED whitelist application

    im confused because the rules say ooc is not allowed under and circumstances what do they mean?
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    ACCEPTED whitelist application

    Whitelist Application Format Copy and paste this application into a new post on the ‘Whitelist Applications’ section of the forums, place your answers next to the ( - ). The application is made up of four sections and you must answer everything for it to be accepted. The Tale of Banners...