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This is the first draft, most of the info will seem basic/edgy, as Genviève has had no development yet.
You have been warned; all information is subject to major change, so please be patient.

"The backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy."
- Carl von Clausewitz

The voice can be found at the following link, just click it, then click play:
https://www.voices.com/demo_detail/195341 (ENGLISH WITH FRENCH ACCENT by Naima Moussi)


The above image is the faceclaim, whose name is Lydia Graham

"The laws of man do not apply
hen blood gets in a woman's eye"

- The Black Keys

. · : * ¨ Key Information ¨ * : · .

Name: Genviève Katell Clements

Ethnicity: Oserian

Birthdate: 975 A.T. (Age 25)

Titles: None

Sexuality: [Undisclosed]

Profession: Noblewoman

"If you want something said, ask a man;
f you want something done, ask a woman."
Margaret Thatcher

. · : * ¨ Physical Appearance ¨ * : · .

Complete Description: As with many others in the Clements family, Genviève is among the taller people in the world, standing at an impressive 5'9". Her face is sharp, every feature pointed to some extent. With a rather thin body, little muscle is to be found here.

Markings: N/A

Weight: 121.3 Pounds / 55.02 Kilograms

Height: 5'9" / 1.75 Meters

Hair: Black, like charcoal. Falls just past her shoulders, she's never had good luck in growing it out.

Eyes: Emerald Green and average-sized.

Skin: White

Blood Type: A+

Allergies: None

Physical Disabilities: N/A

"Straighten your back and lift your head, your enemies are watching"
- Kim Je-Ha

. · : * ¨ Mental State ¨ * : · .

Personality: Geneviève, much like the rest of her family, can be described as cold and apathetic to others. Though she may seem bold or empathetic, much of this can be chalked up to a facade used to gain power or empathy respectively. She is openly supportive of her brothers, who she works hard to help in the achievement of any of their own goals. A naturally dedicated and organized planner, Genviève believes that a thorough plan of action will never fail; so one should never stray from one. Because of this, she doesn't do very well with improvising, however when she's on the planned path she can prove to be an almost unstoppable force. An opportunist, Geneviève will not spare a second thought to putting others behind to achieve her goals. The predatory nature will make her appear compulsive to many, and for good reason; her desire to achieve a set goal is often overwhelming. Finally, Geneviève has shown herself to be thoughtful, almost unfoolable. She often sees through the plans of many others, a skill she prides herself in.

Beliefs: Geneviève often finds herself looking to others with nothing short of disdain. Considerably "big-picture" in the way she carries herself, Geneviève tends to act more in line with the idea that the 'ends justify the means'. Politically, Geneviève holds a very conservative worldview, with a protectionist economic stance and moralistic societal view. As are many people in Esna, Geneviève is a die-hard supporter of the monarchist system, believing monarchs to be blessed by the gods. Geneviève sees no qualm for the government's invasion of even the most basic of rights, so long as it won't hinder her. In regards to religious beliefs, Geneviève is a staunch worshipper of the Path of the One, though tends to take the edicts less to heart than one should.

Mental Disorders: N/A

Mental Disorders:
▪Place: A dimly lit room that smells of ink
▪Color: Green
▪Food: Roasted Fowl
▪Sound: Running stream water
▪Activity: Plotting

Least Favorite Things:
▪Place: Secluded structures, such as cottages or dungeons
▪Color: Orange
▪Food: Anything that's been cured or pickled. How can the peasants bring themselves so low?
▪Sound: Audible chewing
▪Activity: Fixing broken items

Hobbies: Writing and sewing.

Habits, Behaviours, and Mannerisms: Geneviève tends to maintain good posture at any and all opportunity. Though she may see the world with disdain, it is impolite to slouch -- and most unladylike.

Quirks, Disorder Details, and Tics: When nervous, Geneviève finds solace in mumbling, feeling as though the silence may pull her from the circumstance.

Positive Qualities: Geneviève is awfully dedicated. If put to a task you can rest assured she will achieve it in due time ...

Negative Qualities: ... that is, assuming she doesn't betray you, first. Geneviève is compulsively predatory, willing to take any opportunity she can for gain. Though she doesn't immediately show it, she is, in every meaning of the word, untrustworthy.

Neutral Qualities: Geneviève can forget minute details quite easily. If someone fails to make an impression on her, for instance, it's likely she'll forget ever meeting them.

Languages: Avendale Dialect Norvian (Native)



Sense of Humor: Geneviève finds jokes within the following forms as funny:
Morbid: Grim or depressing humor dealing with misfortune and/or death and with a pessimistic outlook.
Epigrammatic: Humor consisting of a witty saying such as “Too many people run out of ideas long before they run out of words.”
Highbrow: Humor pertaining to cultured, sophisticated themes.

"Life is art, art is life.
never seperate it."
Ai Weiwei

. · : * ¨ Misc. Information ¨ * : · .

Family: https://taleofbanners.com/forum/threads/clements-noble-house-application.201/ (Clements Noble House Application)

State of Room: Geneviève maintains tidy, organized quarters. Most rooms she takes office in, however, tend to lose such an organization while in use. She will only clean when not otherwise busy.

Wardrobe: Much like her fellow noblewomen, Geneviève wears dresses on almost every occasion. They are as bright and clean as possible. Any Oserian would be proud of such hygiene, especially in times of such exceptional filth.

Spirit Animal: Turtle

Alignment: Social Impure

▪ See the Clements family rise to the Oserian throne.

▪ Acquire currency

Behind every great man

Is a woman,

Rolling her eyes.

Please do not use the format without asking; it's easier to ask permission than forgiveness.
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