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A apology to the server.


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Jul 18, 2018
New York
I am saying sorry to the server, and the Staff of the server, for my reactions on Discord. I said "The Server was gay and did not deserve to get a strong player base, and the staff don't deserve to be staff" and I am sorry about that as the player base has been waiting a while for the server to come out and the staff have worked hard to make the great community and Server lore it has currently. I am owning up to my mistakes and it was hard to this as I am letting my pride get eaten. I get angered at the smallest things that is why I got so angry and over reacted about my situation with the server and Admin.
I will stop begging to get into the server, but if you do consider giving me another chance to get back in, I will be mature and make sure, to hold my temper.

Thank you for your time,