~A letter from Professor Stallord Layton


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Jul 11, 2019
((!This OOC post may be used IC if you are given the letter by (then) Professor Layton or Herr Wolfskammer himself or you have read it otherwise inside roleplay.

**On a random occasion, the person you knew as Professor Stallord Layton, hands you this letter, reading the following:**

Dear friend,

As a newcomer to the continent of Esna, i have finally settled and i am residing for a while now in the plague ravaged, but beautiful Downwater Crossing. I reside here for a few months now and i have earned my place among you and the other people. I have been hiding a secret due to a great threat that could have followed me to Esna. With this threat finally considered non-relevant, i have decided to unveil my real self to you and the people of Downwater.

My name is not Stallord Layton. I have used this name as a cover to hide myself from danger.

My true name is Aldred Ghesus Wolfskammer, born in the distant Kingdom of Drangleiche, originating from a continent far, far away from Esna. I have grown up as a common lad, having no more different life than anyone else. Things really changed when my parents were migrating for work to the Free City States of Ottomandias. Growing up in a big city called Libros, life soon gave me the chance to prove myself a clever lad.

Before i turned 12 years old, my parrents were offered a scholarship to enter The Grand University of the Free City States. As time flies by i became a Graduate in no time and was offered to become a Proffésore Libertae, meaning a self-employed Professor, loyal to the cause of freedom, the university and to science! Everything seemed fine. Sadly, this seems to good to be true.

Both Drangleiche and Ottomandias have a greath faith within their walls. They strongly believe in one. The One, Die Eine. Back there we call 'The One' Gott. From a simple religion standing for their nine edicts, they soon gave in for the lust of power and became more political. Dominating the peoples minds, dominating the strees, untill they wanted to dominate the throne and chancellor's seats of both Drangleiche and Ottomandias. This ended into a bloody civil war that made education a sin and me a devil. All i could do was cover myself up, take everything dear to me and leave home to eventually land where i am now.

You now know my true name and my reason that brought me here. As for the Church of The One, i respect their faith and i won't disturb the peace, but i am strongly against the deeds of their brothers and sisters overseas.

I might be a foreigner, but i call myself an Esnian in hearth and kidney! I want to thank you for accepting me into Downwater, into Oseria and into Esna.

Viva La Oseiria!

Yours truly,

The man formerly known as Stallord Layton