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A new House arises

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Application for the Noble House of Vingaria

Main Family Culture: Oserian. Mother Northern, Father Oserian, Spouse Oserian.

Family Surname: Vingaria.

Patriarch: Haradaeir Vingaria. Formerly Haradaeir av Dunsgate.

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username: Haradaeir.

Head of Household’s Discord Username: Haradaeir#5123

Family Members:
Haradaeir Vingaria. Formerly Haradaeir av Dunsgate. Elenor Vingaria. Formerly Elenor Rosehill Dregaria III.

House History:
It has been over a year since Haradaeir av Dunsgate arrived in the small settlement of Valdarr in the Jarldom of the Melting lands. During this time, Haradaeir swore feudal fealty to the noble lord Tektrill Dunlands Dregaria, formed close bonds with many of the goodfolk of the town, and instigated and funded growing settlement of Windmere. Haradaeir has served as Tektrill’s closest advisor and is fiercely loyal to house Dregaria and its interests in maintaining order in the newly forming era of post-Plague Esna. For much of his life, Haradaeir has served the will of the One through the holy orders of the Healing Hand and the Blue Orchid, but recently Haradaeir has seen an opportunity in serving the people of the land, and guiding them to the right path. Haradaeir believes it is no matter of chance that he has experienced life as a man of god, a man of battle, and now a man of stewardship and advisorship.

As lord Tektrill has succeeded in his rise to power with the first great step of becoming a mayor, and close on the way to becoming a count- Haradaeir now seeks to aid his lord as a secular knight, as well as a pious advisor. Haradaeir had long known that his mother claimed links to old northern nobility, but his religious and military lifestyle never fostered any further interest in the matter. However, recently he had been reading in the libraries of the Windspeak Abbey and he made a discovery which confirmed his mother’s tales. Haradaeir found documents detailing the Jarls of the Melting lands from 743—950 A.T. when Jarl Thorson was last recorded. Indeed, following the line of lineage from Haradaeir’s mother Skadi ‘the younger’ Vinsgaldr, to Skadi ‘the elder’ Vinsgaldr, through Raganvaldr ‘crow foot’ Vinsgaldr, and Harrald ‘oakenhearted’ Vinsgaldr, Haradaeir found a link to one Raganvaldr ‘the just’ Vinsgaldr, who was recorded as Jarl of the Melting Lands in c. 905 A.T.

All of this was well and good, and Haradaeir was pleased to learn that there was indeed a line of noble blood running in his veins -but, he thought the line to be fragile and long bereft of its links to landholding. At the same time, he desired greatly to serve his lord Tektrill in restoring and governing the lands of Esna, and for this reason, they discussed the matters of nobility and knightly service. The prospect of Dregarian enobelment through trial by combat was discussed, as is a custom in the House of Dregaria -However, in the end the two men agreed to bolster Haradaeirs own claim through a noble marriage. Haradaeir held a claim to the House of Vinsgaldr, but was sword to the lord of the House of Dregaria (and its interest in self-resurection of a dying bloodline), and thereby came to a conclusion that would benefit both lineages.

So it was, that Haradaeir av Dunsgate married Elenor Rosehill Dregaria III, daughter of Clair Drenten Dregaria VI, and sister to Tektrill Dunlands Dregaria in the year 1002 A.T, becoming lord Haradaeir Vingaria and lady Elenor Vingaria. In doing so, Haradaeir chose to honour both of his relative lineages in the formation of the new coat of arms and formal house: the noble House of Vingaria. Taking elements from Vinsgaldr and from Dregaria, Haradaeir Vingaria swore that his first son would take the name Vingaria, and that his second son would take the name Dregaria -thereby serving both the interest of his lord in resurrecting the bloodline of Dregaria, and providing for (and hopefully one day leaving wealth and titles for) his own lineage of Vingaria. The Coat of arms and words of honour of House Vingaria would reflect this merger of blood. Haradaeir was still bound to his oaths to lord Tektrill as his vassal, but was now a relative by marriage.

House Banner; Please include a description or a picture if you wish: The noble banner of House Vingaria features a red background, white saltire, red bordure, cyan cross, cyan lozenge, light grey roundel, and black flower charge. The heraldic arrangement is designed to honour the houses ancestry. The cyan lozenge and cross on a red background honour the old northern House of Vinsgaldr, following Haradaeir’s matrilineal line. The light grey roundel with black flower charge honours the House of Dregaria, following Elenor’s patrilineal line. The white saltire honours the Healing Hand, which has formed a promenant part of Haradaeir’s life and family history, and represents the piety of House Vingaria.

House words: Loyalty to god and to liege; Courage to war and to faith; Vigour to life and to justice.

Link Area:
Link to the noble House of Dregaria: https://taleofbanners.com/forum/threads/nobility-application.1204/ (Nobility Application)
Link to original application, re. the claim to mother’s noble heritage in the Melting Lands: https://taleofbanners.com/forum/threads/haradaeirs-application.1214/ (ACCEPTED - Haradaeir's Application)


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Congratulations! Your noble bloodline has been approved!

Your house is now part of the official server history and canon.

You are also able to claim a county and develop a nation!

We have designed a new noble bloodlines area of the forums here:

https://taleofbanners.com/forum/forums/noble-bloodlines.168/ (Noble Bloodlines)

Here you can make a main post for your house which you can design yourself, it will also act as the main page of your house listing all active members and help players find and join your bloodline.

As we currently have a high number of noble houses we have decided to hold off on accepting any houses after this for a while till the server population increases.
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