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ACCEPTED anacedragon's Whitelist Application

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May 29, 2020
Section 1/4 - Out of Character Information

Minecraft Username(s):

- anacedragon

Full UUID for your MineCraft account(s):

- d270733a-5718-4fa0-aa6a-a62c967e7533

What is your age?

- 20

Have you read the server rules?

- Yes

Do you agree with the server rules?

- Yes

How did you hear about Tale of Banners?

- recommended by a friend

Do you have any previous roleplay experience? (Please give examples, no experience is acceptable)

- Yes, almost 3 years of playing D&D in 3 long-running campaigns (120+ sessions altogether), plus some experience on roleplay forums in middle school (though I don't honestly remember much of it now)

Additional Information: (If any)

- I can be reached on Discord as J#2998

Section 2/4 - Terms & Definitions
Please answer these definitions using your own words, the definitions may be researched however not plagiarized (copy-pasted).

What do you define as roleplaying?

- playing the role of a character; acting as that character would, rather than you literally would in person

Describe the term ‘powergaming’ in your own words:

- playing with the primary purpose of gaining power, especially when disregarding the normal in-universe process to gain that power; also often includes taking agency away from other players

Describe the term ‘metagaming’ in your own words:

- using player/OOC information to make character/IC decisions

What is a "Mary-Sue" character?

- a character that is overly perfect (i.e. has no flaws, masters skills much faster than would be reasonable) and/or has special traits with flimsy or no explanation

What does the abbreviation ‘OOC’ mean & when should this be used?

- "out of character," and should be used when speaking as yourself (not your character)

Section 3/4 - Character Creation
Here you will create an example character that could exist in the server’s history and lore.

Provide us with an in-game screenshot of your character’s skin.

- 2020-05-29_19.46.34.png


- Aran Brys


- 21


- Northern (Midlands Folk)

Can your character read and write?:

- Yes

Story & Biography (please go into detail, we recommend two paragraphs but expect at least one. Please outline character history, personality traits and the things that make your character unique. Have fun with this section!)
- Raised in the Melting Lands, Aran was the only child to his single father after his mother passed defending their settlement from a Grulk attack when he was just a toddler. Aran's father raised him to follow a safer path than his mother, though he is certainly not helpless; he may not be a warrior, but the North is unforgiving, as are its beasts, and he would be a fool not to have had some training with a sword. Still, swordsmanship is nowhere near his forte-- that honor goes to his woodworking, and his role in his settlement since coming of age has been to assist in construction of new buildings and the repair of existing ones. When his services are unneeded, he spends much of his time chopping trees for firewood, a necessity in the freezing climates in the North. As much as he takes pride in such a direct, if underappreciated, way of helping his clan, he has wanted to perhaps gain some experience in other areas, whether that be dedicating more of his time to studying architecture, or even smithing.
Like most Northerners, Aran rarely finds reason to use facial expressions, though his preference for the Northern sign language over speech has earned him a few strange looks in his time. He simply sees it as extension of the already admittedly exaggerated body language Northerners tend to use, and finds that communication comes easier with signs than words. He rarely has issue speaking when necessary, but often forgets that outsiders tend not to know his preferred language. Aran is more forgiving than most of his fellow Northerners, which hasn't yet landed him in any major trouble thanks to his admittedly rather sheltered upbringing, but he supposes it's only a matter of time, not that that's going to stop him from being hospitable.

Section 4/4 - Open-ended questions
Please answer at least three of the questions to show how your character would interact with the world. Delete the spares (if applicable). Please include at least one paragraph for each question you answer.

Question 1

You stumble outside into the open air after some heavy drinking in an Oserian tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewellery on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...

- First, I would shout after the thief to try to alert any nearby guards or other individuals, hopefully less intoxicated than I, that a woman had been attacked by a thief and was in need of a medic as soon as possible. I would then turn my attention to the injured woman and do my best to apply pressure to at least slow the bleeding; thanks to the necessity of knowing basic first aid in the frozen North, I would trust myself to do this even in my intoxicated state, but anything further would likely do more harm than good. If the woman remains conscious, I might try to talk to her to learn her name, but largely my focus would be on trying to keep her alive until the medic arrived.

Question 4

In the midst of battle, you find yourself approaching a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly in terror as they cradle one of the dead. Enemy forces begin to advance in the distance and you know you have to act fast. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. They continue to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name in despair. Then the soldier glances up to see you - with your weapon up - but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. You…

- I'm no murderer, and though for me to have joined the battle surely we must either be desparate or the enemy must have done something terrible, I wouldn't be able to find it in myself to kill an enemy with no malice in their eyes. Perhaps it would be kinder to put them out of their misery, but the thought would hardly cross my mind before I turned instead to the advancing enemy line. Those soldiers at least were giving me a reason to fight them; this person, nearly drowned in grief, had done nothing to me, and at least they would take the memory of their friend with them if they were to make it back home. A memory isn't much, but it's more than nothing, and I wouldn't find it in myself to take that away.

Question 5

You have wandered across a seemingly endless tundra for what have felt like days. A raging snowstorm makes you unable to see more than a few metres ahead. Being almost out of resources, you are delighted to find out that you have stumbled your way to a village. Upon closer inspection you find out it's a Northern village, and the residents are not very friendly towards strangers. What do you do in this dire situation?

- Even assuming I don't recognize the village, I would still enter, watching for any villagers strong (or stubborn) enough to be braving the storm as I am. At the first sight of another person, I would begin signing in Northern sign language-- it was unlikely that my voice could be heard over the storm anyway-- that I was lost and looking for a temporary shelter from the storm. If no others remained outside, I would knock briskly at the door of one of the houses, and if it was opened, I would sign a similar message about needing shelter from the storm. In any case, I would also mention the name of my settlement and clan in order to gain trust, if necessary.
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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

You will now be whitelisted on the server.

Make sure to take some last peeks at relevant information and guides.

You can use ToB’s Discord for communication and questions! You will find me and other whitelisters there too, ready to teach you the ropes.
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