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ACCEPTED Anbay, by Mirza Khabulli Akhbarzan

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Mar 16, 2017
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The stories of the great king of the North, Baldyr, have spread far and wide. During the 1st Century B.T, Baldyr constructed many great works, none more so breathtaking than the city of Norvaskr. In the far lands of Korsia, a Poet-Mirza by the name Khabulli Akhbarzan lamented the collapse of Untergang into the sea by writing this poem. Using the Korsian names for Baldyr and Norvaskr, Khabulli created a work with the moral that "all things are lost in time."

Upon the frozen waters of the land far north
The ice is pierced by spired gold. Transfixed
Mine eyes at their beauty, their visage demands:
Closer, I walk. They lie below a cliff, a glacier
Where once was water. Atop the mountain
An empty plinth, with shadows where once marble
Legs did stand. As white snow washed the plain
That topped this plateau, all but this podium
Became unknowable. Alas, for plinth did read:
Know humility as you approach the work of Anbay,
Builder of All Things: kneel now, invaders
And sense your hope as lost. Look upon our walls and
Find the city of glory, Sturfynda.’
Try as I might to see through the winds that could
Carve canyons, all I saw was the other side
Of the strait. The only remnant: the decrepit
Tower of gold, soon to fall into the icy sea.
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