...and here Vajda enters, with an introduction title far too long in his mind; ... | Tale of Banners Roleplaying Community Forum

...and here Vajda enters, with an introduction title far too long in his mind; ...


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Mar 16, 2017
Buffalo, Missouri
You know, I'm in competitive speech & debate, top of my year and all! So, eh... that uh... means that I'm... good at speaking? Yeah, that.

Anywho, welcome to the introduction of me. I mean, who else would be giving my introduction, afterall?

So let's get the basics out of the way:
I'm a 16 year old human of the planet Earth. Born as a closeted demisexual straight white male to a middle class white family, I of course have it pretty easy. I currently live south of the arctic, yet north of antarctica. As deplorable as it sounds, I actually live in the wonderfully backwards lands of Southwest Missouri. Despite this, I do have the pleasure of going to a school with an oddly intellectual group of peers. I enjoy vidja games, public speaking, forensics league, writing, Life is Strange, anime, puns, making money, spending money, and playing airsoft.

I've immersed myself in about 4 years of Roleplay, and yet I'd say I'm not a master. My first experiences were on a small server, The Legend of Katan. I then moved on to 2065, and eventually made my first appearance on a large-scale server with the land of Akavir. Very beautiful place where I made most of the friends I maintain to this day, and get most of my ideas from. My most influential experience was playing the character of Akemi Kasumi, a Ka'Po'Tun blacksmith. Great guy. Never (canonically) died. After that server went the way of the Dodo, I began to play at Rise of Kings, where I had a number of great characters, from the kind though selfish corsair, Rafe Shores, to the schizophrenic bisexual farmer, Abby Ire, with my personal low point (and favorite), the child mother, Annabelle Hundur. After that, I played a number of small servers, none of them having a profound impact on me. I finally quit the MCRP scene about last year, keeping Roleplay to my Skype and Nationstates (which you can find the link to in my signature by clicking on the great,
Patriotic Flag of Adrea) exclusively. About the time I quit, my friend Foxtrek decided to begin his own server, "Fall of The Citadel", which still isn't out, but I've assisted in the creation in many ways, despite not being on the official staff. Around 5 or 6 months ago was Project Ceres. I played a psychologist during the first month of the server. Despite it's amazing Sci-fi setting, it wasn't really for me, and I fell out of interest, popping in every now and again to see it develop.
Coming to this server will hopefully remind me of the great times I've spent at places like RoK, with my memorable characters and experiences, some of which I can still quote to this day. I'm excited to make friends all over again. Fantasy Medieval is where I shine, I like to think. I can't wait to bring myself back into the scene of MCRP, and join what looks like a shaping-up-to-be-awesome community. Finally, I wish to join the staff, probably in the Lore Team, or even Event Team.

If you have any questions, want me to give you more information, or wish to make my acquaintance, you can send me your messages via carrier pigeon, Native American Bonfire Smoke (binary transmitted in morse code preferably), Discord, or Skype.
Discord: Iaerme Pales Herself, All Hail. #7611
Skype: zach.vajda2
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