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DENIED Aplication jennider

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Apr 17, 2020
Minecraft username: jennider
UUID: 0dca0335-c230-44dd-84f7-c1405c29bec0
How old are you?: 19
Do you read through our rules?: yes
Do you agree with our rules?: yes
How did you hear about Tales of Banners?: i heard it from planetminecraft,... you guys where posting in needing a staff member
Do you have any previous RP experience?: a little month
Us there anything you would like to add?: yes, i got a little depression, and whut not like it if people where mean to me,.... but i take it that wont be an issue unless its RP,... witch i also understand the mean words and can handle it

What do you define as RPing?: being, or acting like a charterer that you chose based on the lore
Describe the term 'powergaming'?: the use of alt to get to a commen goal for 1 or more of your alts
Descrive the term 'metagaming'? getting to a goal with info your character shuten beable to know
What is a "Mary-Sue" character? sry?

Provide us with an ingame screenshot of your character’s skin. : (medieval girl thingy Minecraft Skin)
name: Jennie Nickel
Age: 19
Culture: Northerners
Story & biography: Jennie, is a 19 year old girl,... with a love for gold,... yet does show kindness to others when ever poseble. she is calm, and sometimes shy when people shout
Not open for further replies.