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Nov 25, 2015
OOC Information: My name is Karsten I am 16 in 5 days!!! I like Nightcore and EDM and upload a bunch to YouTube! I am in Highschool 10th Grade /w Ap and Honors classes even know Alg 2 Hon is actaully impossible lol. I strive to be the best I can be and during off-season LAX (Now untill january) I play about 8 hours a day and on weekends about 12 unless I am out with friends (Usually 1 day). I play Cs:Go and League of Legends a lot and probably spend around 4 hours on Minecraft unless there's a build of something I am working on. I love talking to people and interacting with others and I use to RP on Tumblr a lot! As far as MC RP goes I've played the Harry Potter one which is really boring, sorry, not sorry. I have played a few Medieval RP's but for the most part they are all cancer. I try to live life in the moment and fit in with my crowd while im out but online games like Cs:Go and Minecraft is where I dont have to try to be popular and I can actually fit in with people I like! Also Caboose(taylor) is chill af! Update: Been in drama for 4 years, Musical Theater to be exact!

MC Username- KaybaHD (Changing to Akiba)

How old are you?- 16

What is your favorite color?- Hmm Purple?

Have you read and agreed to the rules?- I will agree to whatever rules you post hehe

Have you REALLY read the rules? If so which one do you most agree with?- The fact that they are non-existent

Are there any changes you would make to any the rules?(if so why?)- If I see an issue with them once they are posted I can give you my 2 cents if asked :)

How did you find Tale of Banners?- While stocking PMC forums


(If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.)

What is Roleplaying?- Playing a role of someone (in this case made up corresponding to lore)
What is Metagaming?- Using outside Knowledge)

What is Powergaming?- Taking advantage of the rpg aspect and forcing yourself to be powerful in situation (I answered this on my last app)

What is OOC, IC, and IRL?- Out of Character, In char, Real life

IC Information:

(Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.)

Characters Name- Akiba Yuki or somthing like Yuki

Characters Age- 19

Characters Race- Drach but part of the Rebels (Drahl)

Characters Sex (Male or female)- Male

Characters Biography

Akiba's Story (an autobiography)
Family Backround : Akiba Yuki was born into an Assassin heritage since the beginning of the split between the free people of Krelkar and the Drahl of Crookmire, the split wasnt as pretty as it may seem it wasnt easy for an entire Tribe to just move out into the new frontier(country). First a small inside war happened that caused the Kreklar to leave they were being persecuted and oppressed by the Crosians and Oserians. This is when the Yuki Organization began, the day the Yuki's small town home on the edge of the main Kreklar city was raided by the Crosians and killed Kitor's (Kitor is a distant relative of Akiba *Remember that the split happened long before present day*) Mother and father; Kitor decided this was too far. His father has always been in the Kreklar Militia and taught Kitor well, Kitor escaped the ransack to a nearby town. When he arrived at the town he meet up with the Militia's Elite no one was quite sure what was said behind the closed doors of the Krek Inn, but that was the day the Yuki Brotherhood was born.

Akiba: Being a direct relative of Yuki landed Akiba right on the list of the Yuki Brotherhood, when Akiba was born his mother took him and ran away so he wouldnt have to join the blood thirsty brotherhood. Kids that were blood of the brotherhood were taken at birth and taught the assassin way: To kill without remorse. The brotherhood had been looking for Yuki for 10 years and he was 10 years of age. The thing is though if Akiba would of known about his heritage he would of wanted to join he was as bloodthirsty as ever, it was in his veins to kill his family had been doing it for generations. When he was 6 he made his first bow and started hunting for him and his mom : Who lived out in the middle of nowhere so they wouldn't be caught. He was amazing with a bow able to hit an apple of a moving rabbit's head then able to kill the rabbit for food. He was also very michevious about 4 miles from their hut there was a small trade road and a bout once a week a band of merchants would come through and make camp nearby. Every week he would steal their money at night, but one night they caught him and he had to run... The merchants chased him with daggers threatening to cut off his hands and ears. He hid until they left the next day Akiba was furious. He took his bow and headed to the town in the nearest direction. When he found them he killed all 5 with only 5 arrows he took all their money and clothes and horses and headed back to his mom.. he told his mom he was ashamed of himself and gave her all the money and road off on his horse. He went to the capital of new Krelkar where he was spotted robbing someone by the brotherhood when he tried to fight them they were impressed by the 10 year old strength and took him in only to realize he was blood. From there he was trained until he was 17 and then sent out on his first mission. For 2 year now he has been working for the brotherhood as a top soldier but now the Grulk have been taking over the Kreklar land again and they raided his mothers frontier filled with bloodlust and 10 years of Archery training and the blood of the brotherhood running through him he is determined to torture and kill the Grulk that raided his mom...

Character Traits & Ambitions- Savage, Mean, Trustworthy, Loving(if your in the brotherhood), To kill the Grulk and protect the Krelkar

Characters Strengths and Weaknesses- S- Fast,Strong,Agile,Very good at archey W- Small,Cocky,Depressed,Longing of a family

Characters appearance (Be descriptive)- Brown hair. With death black eyes. Stocky. Wears hidden under a black archer type costume
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Sep 1, 2015
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Hello, welcome to the forums, I will be reviewing your application.

The OOC section of the application is correct and each of the definitions have the correct denotation.

However, your IC information is quite unrealistic and unbelievable. The amount of detail you put into your persona's characteristics is very good.

  • Persona is quite unrealistic and unbelievable.
Overall, the persona being hungry for blood is quite dark and unrealistic, this most likely would only be found in a persona's characteristics VERY rarely, however I will have to PEND this application. I believe if you make a light description of your character wanting to become dark and mad, then fulfill this once you begin roleplaying on the server, you will have the ability to form his characteristics around the developing lore.

You will be given 24 hours to fix your application before it will be denied. Thank you and good luck.
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Nov 18, 2015
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I was told that I should also input my own review as well, giving a bigger explanation and giving another opinion.

As far as this goes, I will agree with @Babadooks that there is very great work with the Out of Character information, however the In-Character information is still yet again lacking.

Your character seems to have a very dark personality and background, which isn't bad, but in this sense most characters usually have a backstory to actually explain this background. I'm aware it's very hard to explain a background such as this in such a sort amount of text.

I will admit, this application is far much better than the first one, I will commend your work effort and I will ACCEPT this application, however seeing an Admin has stated a PENDING plea, I'll be siding with him and giving you both, ACCEPTED and PENDING.


Nov 25, 2015
@Babadooks My last post was a little rude and I am very sorry and it looked different to me when I wrote it XD.. Let me rephrase what I was saying :)
So you are "Pending" Me because *Below* and let me try to Debate with you civilly why I think this is untrue.
  • Persona is quite unrealistic and unbelievable.

1. In the lore there are people hunting for sport and they like to watch them fight to the death *quotes below*
"After being hunted for sport by their close neighbours the Oserians the Yaelk have quickly adapted to life underground" - Drahl Lore
"Often characterized by their tanned/pinkish skin and short stature the Yaelk are the Oserian “Drahl of Choice” and are often captured for the use in brutal gladiator like fights to the death" - Drahl Lore

2. The lore also includes LOTS of slavery which is basically worse than killing people *quotes below*
"outside the swamp where they would be free from the persecution and oppression of the Crosians and Oserians." - Drahl Lore

3. How do you know that is unrealistic. In the lore there are 8-9 foot people and my char is not even human, on top of that my characters race and tribe has been hunted,raped,pillaged,raided,persecuted and oppressed for generations of course they have blood lust....

4. Also my race is being hunted in a way and my char is an assassin.
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