Backstory Of A Ghost

Jan 17, 2017
Story of Laila, one of my other characters.

When she was only a baby she was put in an orphanage. She, at only eight years of age was accused of murder of a few of her fellow orphans, even though she was not the cause of the children's deaths. Oblivious to what murder was at the time she waved it off as just some game and the people could not punish her for the murder, as they didn't have full proof that she or anybody else did it.

Even without evidence, people were furious at her, blaming her for it and saying she was cursed or insane. Others were more forgiving but still fairly distant and cautious of her. The people who did forgive her just ignored her and the others treated her like she was the most threatening thing in their lives. She, had no clue as to what was going on.

The small girl would walk home everyday from the place she was educated from. The day after the murder, she was not given an escort to take her home. Night was quickly advancing and because she was never fully aware of her surroundings when she walked home, she got lost in the city.

A group of women and men had attacked her that night, claiming she was the cause of all their troubles and she was the cause of the children's death. She now understood why they hated her and why she was being ignored. She was angry at them for mistaking her for doing it, she hated them, she wanted to scream at them to stop.
But, in a blind rage, the group killed her. She now passes through the city, sometimes screaming and crying. She'll sometimes go out of her way to try and terrify a passer by, but will always seem to leave children alone.