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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
Tale of Banners Beta
Begins 27th of July 2018

24/7 Beta Version Announcement

Greetings from the Tale of Banners development team! After being in development for a long time we are finally ready to go over to the state of beta release! During this time we will be testing our server and systems to see if everything is working as intended. It’ll be a great help if all of you give your opinions and bug reports to us (the admin team) through discord or the forums.

The beta test of Tale of Banners will be a 24/7 online release which will last from a couple of weeks to a month. Players will be able to make applications and play on the server as normal within the limiting constraints of the beta release, for example there will only be a single ruling house and a smaller map during the beta.

Initially the beta will only consist of only one of the regions of our map. The land of the Oserians and Dunsgate City, which is located in a temperate steppe climate. During beta, Oseria will only be half its size and later on new sections of the map will be released depending on server population and how well the beta is developing naturally.

During beta, players will be able to play any culture group they wish. However, land ownership is restricted to Oserians only.

The beta will be very informal, with players being able to create their own guilds, noble houses and characters ahead of the official server release.

The Land of Oseria

(Note: This is only a map of Oserian lands, spawn to the north-west will also be included.)

The beta will naturally help in finding houses and people who excel in certain areas and will have a major impact on who gets what at the official server start date (Yet to be determined).

Early Noble Families

During beta, a noble family will be chosen to be the leading house of Oseria for the official full release of the server when the majority of the map will be unlocked.

We are only allowing a maximum of two noble houses for Oseria and one per each other major culture at the beginning of beta due to map size (for a total of 5).

Any noble houses created during beta will need to be deeply connected to the official server lore and show a keen investment in the server.

If you wish to apply for a noble family yourself ahead of beta simply fill out the application found here:

Noble House Application Format

Server Economy

The economy during beta will be very limited, monarchs will not need to make in game payment to the server until the nations system comes into effect after full release.

Players can however experiment with banking and earn money ahead of the server release to be used to start settlements or build strongholds etc.

Settlements and other systems


During the start of the beta the only settlement will be the administrator controlled “Dunsgate City”. Depending on activity, the settlement system will be implemented at some point during beta.

When the settlement system is implemented players will be able to apply for and start their own settlements.

Npc Shops

Npc shops will be fully operational for beta, players will be able to buy and sell produce in Dunsgate City.


The mines in Oseria will be fully operational for beta, players will be able to mine resources and sell them in Dunsgate City.

Adventure Caves/Dungeons

Oseria will have several caves and dungeons to explore during beta which will be released unannounced and at random as it progresses.

Intrigue and Villainy

The intrigue system is not completely finalized but will be implemented some time during beta.

Nations and War

The nations system and the wider war system (siege equipment etc) will not be implemented until full release.

Everything else

We expect the complete server systems to be implemented after full release. Essentially the beta should act as a starting point for players to set themselves up financially or politically ahead of the official release date.
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