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OFFICIAL Beta Announcement

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
Hello again Tale of Banners!

The moment is finally here, the first chapter of Tale of Banners has begun! The server is now open! and the first event of the week is now underway!


And now onwards to some information about the beta:

The beta will start off with an event for everyone to partake in, and more events will be run throughout the beta. For the first week there will be an event each day, at the same time as the launch event (6pm CET).

The early stages of the beta will take place in the town of "Downwater Crossing" in Southern Oseria. The south being separated from the rest of Esna due to a plague quarantine. The town is built pretty barebone, to make a focus on expansion for the beta. For this reason the town is built up with all necessities needed to get the various types of resources.

All players will be able to purchase houses, rent a room in the tavern, or stay in tents for free from the moment the server opens. Keep in mind however that there is quite a limited number of houses in the beginning, so more will have to be built!

There is currently one finished adventure dungeon, a small tutorial designed to get players ready for the bigger dungeons ahead. In the coming weeks many new dungeons will appear with the biggest having the best loot.

The only currently active system is the intrigue system. The other systems might be active later on in the beta.

Thanks for sticking with us to make Tale of Banners possible!
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