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ACCEPTED Black_bread1's Whitelist Application

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May 6, 2020
The Tale of Banners Whitelist Application:
Section 1/4 - Out of Character Information

Minecraft Username:

Full UUID for your Minecraft account:

What is your age?

Have you read the server rules?

Do you agree with the server rules?

How did you hear about Tale of Banners?
A fiend of mine told me about the server

Do you have any previous roleplay experience?
It'll be my first time as a roleplayer

Additional Information: (If any)
I am not a native English speaker, thus I do not use it in everyday comunication. You may expect some lag in response once in a while ;)

Section 2/4 - Terms & Definitions

What do you define as roleplaying?
Playing game as an actor plays role. For his own, as well as the others immersion player becomes his character and takes actions in game from this perspective.

Describe the term ‘powergaming’ in your own words:
Dominating the story, not taking into account other's plans, ideas, decisions or points of view. We can say that someone is a powergamer when one is creating story, which affects other players without their consent or gives him unfair advantage in other fields.

Describe the term ‘metagaming’ in your own words:
Using information given out of character. Baisicly when one's character knows (without any in-game source) what will happen and prepares himself for it.

What is a "Mary-Sue" character?
Character with no weaknesses. Has no unique history, and thus feels unreal, like a character from children's fairy tale.

What does the abbreviation ‘OOC’ mean & when should this be used?
Out of character, can be used to share information between players, which their characters are and should stay unaware of

Section 3/4 - Character Creation
Here you will create an example character that could exist in the server’s history and lore.

Provide us with an in-game screenshot of your character’s skin.

View attachment 225

Rowan Venharrow


Northern Oserian

Story & Biography:

Rowan is the only child of Venharrows. His family once powerful has lost their influence during The Great Death. Venharrows had even aspired for status of nobility, but the pleage ruined everything and the proves of their predominance had crumbled. Rowan's parents have done little effort to convey the story to their child. Only his grandfather had't lost his faith, and teached Rowan about the past. Before he died, he told his grandson to discover the past before trying to understand present times. Since then Rowan became obsessed with books and chronicles. he spend years tring to find a proof he actually has a noble blood in his veins. Through the years he was collecting artefacts of the past. He believes that world without Venharrows' nobility would tear apart, so there has to be something hidden from his eyes. However no matter how hard he tries, he cannot find any hidden message in piles of swords, paintings of his family and other subjects of his research.

If someone were to dismiss his grandfather, he would tighten his hand on his sword. The sword he was given by him. Although he would fight to defend his grandfather's honour, through the years his enthusiazm has evaporated. He still firmly believes in his nobility, but knows that without a proof nobody would believe him, nothing can stop him trying to tell his story though, or secretly falsifying found documents, when no one sees him. If a wanderer were to stop in his house, his hospitailty would be truly noble, But it wouldn't be sincere. Rowan just needs a middleman to contact the noble. Although it may never happen, he desperatly tries to find is a noble who would believe his story, and would give him a hand in this harsh times, to redeem Venharrows' honour, fame and glory.

Section 4/4 - Open-ended questions

Question 1
You stumble outside into the open air after some heavy drinking in an Oserian tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewellery on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...
With a little bit of alhochol lag, when I finally understand what might have happened minutes before. I yell behind the hooded man. Then I take a few steps in the direction he runs, and struggle to say 'What a dishonorababble bastard! You will pay for it!' I try to chase the man, but after a few steps I fail on the cobblestone. I crawl a little further but soon loose consiousness.

Question 3
You've gotten lost and wandered awhile into Drahl lands, eventually finding yourself in Crookmire Swamp, where you decide to settle for the night. Finding a meal to buy for the evening takes some effort, but you do come across an old crone in ragged clothing, who offers to sell you some sea-looking food. She doesn't ask much, but warns you that eating it is 'unpleasant' to outsiders. You...
I replied that I was ravenous, and no later bare instincts taken over my will. In a second I absorbed whole bowl of suspicious food. When the 'unpleasant' part struck my stomach, I threw up probably more than I had eaten, and either my eyeballs started to wave or the pieces of the rotten flesh on the ground were taking shape of my guts. Then the field benath me accelerated directly into my head and hit the skul so hard i fell asleep.

Question 4
In the midst of battle, you find yourself approaching a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly in terror as they cradle one of the dead. Enemy forces begin to advance in the distance and you know you have to act fast. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. They continue to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name in despair. Then the soldier glances up to see you - with your weapon up - but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. You…
I shouted from a distance, trying to gain his attention: 'Hey! You'd better run if you want to see a sunrise again!'. Seeing no response as well as a crowd of upcoming enemies I calmed down a bit. As I was getting closer, I saw a spark of humanity in my enemies' eyes and put on the field some of my own supplies of bread and water with a note: 'One cannot fight against mercifullness, I know I can't and nor can you'. I turn on my heel and with a slow, majestic pace i walk away after a while picking up some speed and soon afterwards running for my life into allied camp.


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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

You will now be whitelisted on the server.

I apologize for the late response as we are very busy sorting everything out for release today!

I can see a very strong application here despite the language barrier ^^

Please keep in mind you may need to tell this to people you are roleplaying with so they understand the situation a little more.

If you do wish to apply for nobility on the server the application can be found here: (Noble Houses)

Make sure to take some last peeks at relevant information and guides.

You can use ToB’s Discord for communication and questions! You will find me and other whitelisters there too, ready to teach you the ropes.

Join our server on the 9th of May at 9PM BST for the official release!
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