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OFFICIAL Bounty System Information v1.0

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Aug 30, 2015
Bounty System Information

The bounty system is a part of the larger intrigue system (found below.) When you post a bounty you must include the information listed here and follow the correct procedure.

You are allowed to format the bounty how you like but the required information/screenshots must be present.

Laws are decided by nation leaders and bounties can only be placed for crimes other than murder and theft if the law in question has been listed by the nation leader and the crime has been committed inside the nation in question.

You are not guaranteed payment for any bounty you pursue, this is down to the discretion of the bounty poster themselves.

Bounties require screenshot proof of the character posting the bounty discovering the identity of the intrigue character in question. Without catching a villain committing the crime and revealing their identity you cannot post a bounty. This is to stop bounties being placed in metagaming scenarios.

Link to the intrigue system

The information you must include in a bounty post is as follows:

  • Screenshot proof of your character witnessing the crime in question.

  • Screenshot proof of your character revealing the identity of the accused at the scene.

You are allowed to post screenshots of the accused but only as they appeared at the scene. These baseline rules are in place to stop direct and indirect metagaming.

Bounty System Information v1.0
Not open for further replies.