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Braxton Contention


May 9, 2020
Nation Application
Application format

Majority culture of the nation (please include a subculture if any):
North Oseria and Northerners

Name of the nation:
Braxton Contention

Is this a new nation or a re-established one?:
This is a new nation.

Name of the nation creator (Minecraft username and character name):
ChAz7MaN - Alfred Braxton

Is your nation starting with a Settlement or a Stronghold?

Stronghold Application Format

Name of the stronghold:
Ludovic’s Post

Name of the nation creating the stronghold:
Braxton Contention

Location of the stronghold (images and\or description):
Stationed on the southeastern ridge of the Valdarr meadery,
on an old ruin on the border of Flintswood and the Valdarr Bog.

Architectural style:
“On our journeys north, inspiration we have taken from some of the local architecture.
And so we have decided on constructing a quaint tower in the same fashion. The stone
keeps off the blistering winds and the high turret allows us to see far and wide if we so need.”
((We're going for the 50x50 plot of land.))

Additional information:

The nations core noble house:
House Braxton

Link to noble house application: (House Braxton)

State of independence at founding:
Independent Nation.
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Icy Girl
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Sep 27, 2015
The Mariana Trench

Unfortunately your nation application has been denied.

There are some issues with your application, you are welcome to try again.

The reason for the denial is as follows:

1. The land you have chosen is currently controlled by a monarch, your nation would be a vassal nation, not independent.

Should you choose to re-apply, please make a new application!