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ACCEPTED Bubamrav's event team app


New Member
Nov 15, 2020
Minecraft name
- Bubamrav
Discord Name
- Bubamrav#3489
- 15
- CET (GMT+1)
Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- I believe that I do
What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?
- I think that the first most important thing is for the event to be enjoyable and original
Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team.
- Example 1. In the first event idea, the players would while going to the streets of a city see a beggar asking for money he can tribute to the five, when the players talk with him he tells them of a shrine where people leave tribute and that all the tributes were stolen so now their requests won't be fulfilled. The players would then go to the shrine where if they are perceptive enough would find tracks of bandits that would lead to a camp, if not while returning back to the city they would meet a man who would tell them of the bandit camp. When they get to the camp they could either attack the bandits and find that the tribute arent on them or first eavesdrop on the bandits and hear that they left the loot at a nearby cave but are too afraid to come back for it since the cave is infested with spiders (that would be one of the spider dungeons), if they didn't eavesdrop the players would still find a letter addressing the bandit leader about where the loot is then they would go to the cave get the loot after killing the spiders and return the beggars tribute to him and either keep the rest for themselves or give it back to the people.

Example 2. (this is my take on a continuation on a small event about a Korsian slave trader, I hope it's not a problem I included my character as the one starting the event) There would be a meeting in Valdarr between the members of the Phirien and Braxton families in which Revan Phirien would voice his displeasure about Korsians salvers coming into the North kidnapping people and would tell the lords about the slave trader who tried to take 2 citizens of Valdarr and himself to Korsia he also says that he knows the name of the trader and asks for assistance in destroying his organization and stopping them from returning to the north, from now the situation can go in 2 different ways if the lords agree to go to Korsia and fight the slaver the warriors will go to Korsia (this would be a one-time thing where the participants would be able to see Korsia but would return afterward) and there inquire about the location of the slaver. They would have to talk with different people in the Korsian market and would find the location of the Slaver in one of two ways, either they would ask about the slaver stealthy not showing their intentions in that way they would learn of his location and fight him, and if not and if they make it clear they want to get rid of him one of the group will go missing and after finding him the rest will learn he was kidnapped and questioned by the slaver and they defeat him to free their man. The other possibility would be that the lords don't agree to help get rid of the slaver and with this option, only a small group of people would go and try finding the slaver there would be the same options to inquire stealthily and find the slaver easily but if they don't the slaver this time won't just kidnap one person because he wants to know who they are but would surround the group because of his superior forces and the players would have a much harder time fighting him if they succeed they would find a lot of loot and valuables and if not they would be taken prisoner and one of two things would occur, either the other lords would come and rescue them or they wouldn't and the small group would find a way to escape and return to the North.


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Sep 27, 2015
The Mariana Trench

Congratulations! Your Event Team application has been approved.

You have been accepted for trial Event Team!

Your use of existing locations in events is very handy, but know custom locations can be built just for events! The Admin team will help you out to make it the best it can be!

I will be in contact soon to get you situated.​