PINNED Bug Report Rules and Form

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Nov 19, 2015
The Java Closet
Hi everyone, the Dev Team here just want to make a quick post for how bug reports should be handled. Firstly, please put [Bug Report] followed by your MC Name in the title of the bug report. Secondly, please do not spam the forum with the same bug report over and over and over again. If you have found a bug, someone else might've found it too. Please check other bug reports before posting your own. Lastly, please do not message us in game about a bug report, just post it to the forum and it will be taken care of. Thank you. Copy everything after the line:

Short description of the Bug:

Are you able to repeat the Bug?:

Time of Bug:

Your current time zone:

Skype name (if the Dev Team needs to contact you):
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