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PENDING Build Team Application


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Oct 31, 2020
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Which cultural building styles do you prefer building?
Northerner & Drahl

Some notions of Oserian.

What do you deem important when building on a roleplaying server?
What to you feel is important to you when you set out to create something in a roleplay environment? Do you feel a less-detailed larger build is more efficient for roleplay or a smaller more detailed one?

When I build, I believe the main goal is to immerse the players in the constructed environment. Every build should feel right in it's place and merge itself with the world around it. As a player, you shouldn't be aware that the builds you see have been built by the build team, but rather by your character's ancestors.

Building in Minecraft (for roleplay servers) is all about creating an atmosphere, a feeling. Much like an impressionist painting, it's all about giving the impression that what you perceive is real, even if what you see isn't what you perceive (using a variety of blocks to create the soil of a war torn battlefield) and this is where, I believe, that "messy" medieval style comes from.

Images, or a link to an album of images proving your building skills.
These are split into three categories, showing skills such as the correct use of weight with wood and stone, and also creative styles of vegetation etc. Please provide pictures for each:

Here is a link to my pmc : (Tinouz - Planet Minecraft)

I've been on and off minecraft for the past few years and never took the time to keep my pmc up to date with more recent projects. I'd be happy to go through

Do you swear that these are your own buildings and not the work of another?
if you are found to be claiming another's hard work as your own you may have your building rights removed and be placed on a blacklist.

I swear this is my work.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.

I did not apply for the whitelist. Although I really enjoy the Minecraft roleplaying experience, I prefer contributing to that experience whit what I do best, building.