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Builder Application Format

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Aug 30, 2015
Builder Application

This is not a test of your building ability, simply a test of how able you are to adapt and add to the servers central style.

Your buildings are not judged by how good they look, but simply how well they fit with the servers global theme.

“The Tale of Banners building theme is officially described as “Semi-Realistic Low Fantasy, Messy Medieval”

To read more in depth information regarding the servers building style and system we suggest a read through of the building section at the base of the “Settlement and Building” post located here:

Link to settlement and building system

We want players to develop their own unique techniques and personal takes on the style to build a truly vibrant and beautiful roleplay environment. But, keep in mind server is set in a realistic world so certain real life aspects such as physics apply in the server style also.

Builder Application Format

Minecraft Username:

Which cultural building styles do you prefer building?
Oserian / Korsian / Northerner / Drahl (Or you can use more specific geographical areas e.g “Northerner Melting Lands” style.)

What do you deem important when building on a roleplaying server?
What to you feel is important to you when you set out to create something in a roleplay environment? Do you feel a less-detailed larger build is more efficient for roleplay or a smaller more detailed one?

Images, or a link to an album of images proving your building skills.
These are split into three categories, showing skills such as the correct use of weight with wood and stone, and also creative styles of vegetation etc. Please provide pictures for each:

Nature -
Please include some pictures of nature builds, handmade ponds and trees etc, anything nature related.

Small buildings -
Small buildings covers houses, watchtowers and other small to medium constructions.

Large buildings -
You don't have to show many examples of large builds, but at least one is always good. A large building is a large castle or a church, something which takes a long time to get just right. When you build you are often able to tell when one of your buildings falls into this category.

Do you swear that these are your own buildings and not the work of another?
if you are found to be claiming another's hard work as your own you may have your building rights removed and be placed on a blacklist.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.
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