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Builder Application- Wxlt


Jul 7, 2020
Builder Application Format

Minecraft Username:

Which cultural building styles do you prefer building?
Oserian / Korsian / Northerner / Drahl (Or you can use more specific geographical areas e.g “Northerner Melting Lands” style.)

What do you deem important when building on a roleplaying server?
Realism and functionality. The build should add to a roleplay, fit in with the region style, and be used for its intended purposes.

What to you feel is important to you when you set out to create something in a roleplay environment?
I feel as though the build should really add to the environment and immersion in the server. Being seen a lot or used over and over would be a great goal for a build.

Do you feel a less-detailed larger build is more efficient for roleplay or a smaller more detailed one?
As much as I love building on larger scales, smaller, more detailed buildings would be better for looks, building process, and use.

Images, or a link to an album of images proving your building skills.
These are split into three categories, showing skills such as the correct use of weight with wood and stone, and also creative styles of vegetation etc. Please provide pictures for each:

Nature -
Please include some pictures of nature builds, handmade ponds and trees etc, anything nature related.

Small buildings -
Small buildings, covers, houses, watchtowers, and other small to medium constructions.
Eryngos large animal pen & Bay
Small house
Garden house

Large buildings -
You don't have to show many examples of large builds, but at least one is always good. A large building is a large castle or a church, something which takes a long time to get just right. When you build you are often able to tell when one of your buildings falls into this category.
Eryngos Estate
Bluesky Estate
Bluesky Barns

Interior decor- (on the server)
Anne's living quarters
Cyrine's bedroom
Cyrine's kitchen

Do you swear that these are your own buildings and not the work of another?
if you are found to be claiming another's hard work as your own you may have your building rights removed and be placed on a blacklist.
Yes, it is all my work.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.
Eryngos Estate and Bluesky Estates were a building project of mine on another server that’s mainly survival-based, but you can enable fly with the right perms. I usually build large and animal-based builds and am currently practicing organic statues. I have not built too much in the way of the server style, but I believe in my ability to adapt my skills to what the server needs.
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Sep 21, 2017
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Your application has been placed on pending so that you can go through our building guidelines

Although several of your buildings you've presented here are of a good quality, several do not meet our guidelines or conform to our style.

1. In most of your pictures with manmade structures you have stone roofs over wooden houses, which breaks our appropriate material guidelines. This is generally a theme throughout your various builds you introduced here.

2. You haven't followed many messy medieval guidelines, and while that isnt a requirement, it is good for review for building information.

Once you have taken the new pictures and submitted them make a comment affirming you have made these changes and your application will be reviewed again as soon as possible.

Good luck!


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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your build team application has been approved!

Certainly an acceptable application! Your builds are satisfactory and meet the standard. We would gladly welcome you to the build team.

Good job developing your builds in accordance to the style.

We will get you settled into the team over discord and set you up with your build team permissions!

Welcome to the team!