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Caveity Family Noble Application

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Main Family Culture
(Must be an accepted culture from the server lore):
Korsian Culture, with Oserian Tones

Family Surname:

House History
(Please include at least two to four paragraphs of the history of the house, the date of its official founding or recognition, and any significant events leading up to the current date. Also explain how and why the family is elevated to the rank of nobility. Using pictures and font styles for extra dramatic effect is also encouraged):

The Birth of the Business

download (2).jpg
For as long as we can remember, we Caveity's have always been moneylenders. Our great, great grandfather, Aulus, was the first to make a business of it. Whenever a Caveity would die, his business would be split amongst his children. Some children took it upon themselves to spend their inheritance, while a rare few would invest it wisely, only for their children to have the same problem.
This problem plagued the still growing Caveity family, as well as the banking practices of Esna as a whole for many generations. This practice finally came to a head, with the death of Justiani Caveity. Justiani was a member of the third branch of the Caveity family, following Luciano Caveity. Luciano was the 2nd son of Faustigen Caveity, who was the 3rd son of Aulus. All these generations, even before Justiani, had split their ownership of the company, until someone had either bankrupted it or sold it to someone else, leaving nothing for the rest of the family.

The Emergence of The Family
Justiani and Terco Before Justiani's Death
Justiani had inherited a small fortune from his father Luciano, who had split his wealth between his 4 sons, with Justiani as the third. His company was effectively dissolved with his death. Justiani decided to invest his money, as his father had, in a new business venture, one of moneylending and protecting. Justiani's business was successful, and in time, he had 2 sons, and 2 daughters, all well taken care of. He raised his children harshly, and to support the family as a whole, rather than self-interests. On his death, the Caveity's were close to being the greatest bankers of Korsia.
Saverio was given the total of the business, in an agreement between him and his brother Flavius. Saverio was the new head of the Caveitys, and with his brother at his back, they would grow their family into one of nobles. Saverio became the face of the Caveity, while Flavius became the hand behind the back. They made agreements with various other familys and prominent figures in Korsia, until they were finally, officially, able to get their noble papers, and become a true noble family, with them being recognized as the first of their line.

New Ground to Cover
With the turn of the millennium coming up, the Caveity needed a better way to earn money. The business in Korsia was extremely competitive, and profits were down. Saverio decided to head east, to a land near untouched by the world of the moneylenders, the kingdom of Oseria. Oseria had laws against Usury, and all manner of behavior deemed unfit for holy men. The Caveity's were traditionally not religious, but an opportunity this large meant that a conversion would be a missed opportunity. Saverio converted to the Path of the One, and met personally with the High Priest, and confessed his devotion to the one. This opened the gates to the Caveity for their new Oserian bank. Plans were set in motion, as a new building was to be built along the edge of town. For now, the Caveity's make do in their new home, avoiding the laws that they may break.

Patriarch or Matriarch (leading house member when applying) character name, (and a backstory if you wish)
This character and OOC person will be officially in charge of the house in-game and OOC until the power is handed down to another member of the dynasty:

Patriarch: Saverio Caveity, aged 39
Cunning and charming in equal measures, Saverio convinced the Korsian nobility to allow him to buy his way up the social ladder.

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username:


Head of Household’s Discord Username:


Family Members
Include Minecraft usernames and character names of each living character. Keep the list updated for each character to be canon (also include any character not controlled by players) There is not necessarily a limit on family members but please try to keep it down to a realistic amount:

Philip, Flavius Caviety, Brother of Saverio, Brother of Orenia, Uncle of Ronaldo, aged 22
Ασπιδοφόρος πεζός α.jpg
Flavius acts aggressively to those he considers his lesser. Him and Saverio have split the business 50/50, but no one is quite sure what Flavius does apart from security.

Nathalie Caviety, Wife of Saverio, Mother of Ronaldo, aged 35

Ronaldo Caveity, Son of Saverio, Son of Nathalie, Nephew of Flavius, Nephew of Orenia, aged 19

Orenia Caveity, Sister of Saverio. Sister of Flavius, Aunt of Ronaldo, aged 33

Terco Caviety, Uncle of Saverio and Flavius aged 54

House Banner
Please include a description or a picture if you wish:
A green Kura glowing golden over a field of red.

(Optional) House artifacts, coat of arms etc
If you wish to describe any artifacts, a breakdown of the coat of arms or even any unique quirks individual to the family:

Banner Breakdown:
The Kura represents the backbone of the Caveity family, the currency that has let them get as far as they have. The field of red, the bloody past behind the family, now standing to accentuate the position they find themselves in.

The Jeweled Kura:
A shaped piece of Emerald into the image of a Kura. This piece of history was given to Justiani by his father, and by his father before him. It is passed to whoever the father favored at the time, and if noone had any heirs, whichever brother or relative was lucky enough. It currently lies in the vault of the Telth branch. This Kura is believed to signify that the keeper will be the most successful of the family, although this is just a rumor.

The Caveity's wealth has led most of them to squabble amongst each other. Recent years have been an exception do to the upbrining of some of the members. Most Caveity's carry fairly light complexions for Korsians.

Link Area
Use this space to add any links to any family documents which will be updated regularly such as a family tree or any historical accounts of lore:

Family tree soon


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Aug 30, 2015

Your noble house has been reviewed and proven to be a good addition to our server.

Your house is now part of the server's official lore.

As a beta start-up the leader of the house will be given 1000 Kuras by me personally (Prebuz).

Also keep in mind that your noble house is restricted to max 5 characters being played at any given point.

Otherwise have fun with your newly accepted noble house!

- Prebuz & Lena​
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