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DENIED Child of the New Millennium ~ A Prophecy of the Children of the One


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Lore Team
Jul 11, 2019
I suck at markup. Here's a prophecy of the Children of the One, explaining using vague poison/substance and turning themselves into machines to ascend above humanity

I am thine carnal, organic anagram
Human flesh instead of written letters
I rearrange my pathetic tissue
I incise, I replace, I'm reformed

I eradicate the false, pre-present me
Elevate me to a higher human form
The characters I am
Made into thy word complete then I'll be the new norm

Self inflicted fractures
I replace my bones with steel
My dead flesh breathing life
The substance of Gods into my pounding veins

My receiving eyes exchanged with torches
Blindness induced to prevent distraction
Ceramic blades implanted
Past my ribs to save me from the dues of inhalation

I tear my worldly useless skin
Staples to stitch it over my ears
Non-receptive of unholy sounds
I disable the creators of fear

Bolts of steel to fill my mouth
Sharpened to deplete
The creator of all violence
Without the voice there will be no deceit

Baptized in crimson acid
A final touch, perfecting the new me
Completion of the greatest art
To cast the heretic creatures

Children of the One, once astray, made divine
Stripped of congenital flaws
We're the future revelations in a world of darkness

Disciples, come join with me
To save a failed humanity
Follow the true Path of the One
Into the new eternity

Behold a sacrificial erase
A cleansing worshiping of the One
The Child of the New Millennium

Here to redeem us all from lies


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Sep 21, 2017
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This lore has been rejected
Please get in contact with us so we can work together to make amendments to this to fit the server lore better.