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Clan Ravenwood


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Jun 8, 2020
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Clan Ravenwood


Junica Ravenwood grew up with relatively normal parents, Cullen and Kayla Ravenwood. They lived a standard life, making ends meet by doing extra work here and there. What Junica didn't know was why her last name was "Ravenwood" and why she'd never met anyone else by the name of Ravenwood. Then one day Junica was rummaging through her mother's old things where she found her mother's old diary. The diary explained everything about the Ravenwoods, the history, the members everything. On one of the pages, she found a list of all of the members of Clan Ravenwood, with every single name crossed out except for Kayla Ravenwood and Junica Ravenwood. Junica then crossed out Kayla's name. Junica used the documents she found and was determined to create a new Clan Ravenwood, a better Clan. One that would hold power and meaning, a name that would be shared by many people and not a name forgotten about.

What Being a Ravenwood Means:

The stronger the Ravenwood influence grows, the better off you will be. Ravenwoods, in certain areas, can get lower prices, better deals, and more access to jobs. There will be specific areas restricted to only those part of Clan Ravenwood. If you are a Ravenwood you are also a strong fighter who can hold themselves in a fight. Opportunities are everywhere for a Ravenwood, you simply have to join.

Head of The Clan: Junica Ravenwood


Clan Ravenwood is not a very restrictive Clan so they have a diverse set of members, however there are a few customs that are represented in all members. Ravenwoods can hold themselves in a fight and never back down from a fair fight. Ravenwoods often like to live in large wooden houses, however stone for a base is not uncommon. A common profession of a Ravenwood is a Guard, Mercenary, Miner, Lumberjack, or Trader. Very few Ravenwoods are farmers and will more often than not purchase food instead of making it themselves. Ravenwoods love to drink and drinking is a huge part of the culture as well. The preference for drink lies on each member. Ravenwood gatherings and celebrations almost always include drink, whatever the occasion.


1: Do not kill, steal, betray, or otherwise negatively impact another member in a serious way

2: Do not denounce the name Ravenwood

3: Do not practice vile magics

4: Do not link the name Ravenwood to any of your crimes

Any breaking of these rules will NOT be tolerated.


Every Clan member gets a house in the town that the Ravenwoods will be headquartered in, access to the many connections the Ravenwood name will give you within the town, and any help that you may need from other members of the Clan.

How to Join:

You do not need to be blood related to a Clan member

You must prove your loyalty to a Clan recruiter or the Clan leader

You must get one Clan member to vouch for you

You cannot be apart of another Clan

You do not have to be a specific race, religion, or economic class to join

OOC Plan:
The plan is to get a town and start a city going, and then recruit more people along the way. The idea is that the name Ravenwood can be connected to a city and Ravenwoods can find a safe haven in that city from people who might not like them. The city will also be a good place for Ravenwoods to prosper, allowing for greater opportunity and to have a place where you can actually see the city grow. You can be a part of a community where you can say that you did something, instead of being just another tent in the crowd.
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