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Clothes and Dying!


Jul 18, 2018
United States, Eastern
hey y'all, just recently stumbled on a couple useful resources re: clothing. (Here's How You Could Have Been Fashionable in the Middle Ages)
this is great for looking up quick info about historical fabrics and fibers, plus some about the way people more generally dressed during the rough time period we're working with. (Making Natural Dyes from Plants)
this is an awesome profile of dying technique, plus a REALLY exhaustive list of plants used to get certain dye colors! a real must-have for RP, and something you can point to if somebody complains that your bright colors are too extravagant. (unless they really are too extravagant, in which case you are not allowed in my house for being a morally corrupt dandy and member of the bourgeoisie.) i'm about to be messing with skins, so this thing is awesome for considering what colors make sense to have.

hope some of this is helpful!