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Aug 30, 2015
♦ Tech corner: Commands, Mods & Textures ♦

Welcome to the tech corner. Today you will learn about how to use specific plugins on the server, which client side mods are allowed, and what resource packs work well with our server.

This guide will be updated regularly with additions and changes.
Keep in mind this list does not include all of the plugins on the server. Some plugins are in the works, some are strictly for staff, and some are solely used to make our systems function.

Allowed client side mods:

We only allow a few non-harmful client side mods to be used on our server. This is to avoid scenarios like cheating or glitching. If you want to play with a specific mod and it’s not on the list, please contact the administration about the mod in question so we can assess it.

List of allowed mods:
  • More player models
  • Optifine
  • Minimaps
Other plugins that are purely aesthetic are also allowed.

Recommended resource packs:

Our server has been built purely in the vanilla resource pack, so therefore it is compatible with a whole variety of resource packs. We have our own resource pack which will shortly become available. It adds new items based on item names.

List of recommended resource packs:
  • John Smith
  • Conquest
  • Tale of Banners official Resource Pack

Commands & Plugin information:

General Commands:

/Help - Sends you a list of commands available to you.
/Spawn - Lets you teleport to spawn in the instance of being stuck.
/List - Lets you know who is online on the server.
/Vote - Opens a menu where you can get links to vote on the server.
/msg /tell /t - All of these can be used to send a message to a player.
/reply /r - Can be used to reply to a message sent to you.

Chat & Roleplay related:

/Helperchat - Use this command to write in the help chat. It's mostly designed for guests, but everyone can use it. /hc can be used as a shortcut.

/OOC - Use this command to select the OOC chat.
/RP - Use this command to select the RP chat.
* - Use the asterisk in front of your roleplay message to display it as an emote.
“text” - Use the quote marks for speech in an roleplay message. Works well with emotes.
Example: *as he walks along the street he catches a glimpse of his old friend, he calls out to him, "Hello there, friend!"

/Whisper - Use this command to whisper. /w can be used as a shortcut.
/Shout - Use this command to shout. /s can be used as a shortcut.
/Bird - Use this command to send someone an in-character letter. It might take a while before they receive this letter depending on how far away they are.
/Roll x - Use this command to roll a dice. Default roll is 20.
/Countdown x - Use this command to start a count down in the chat.
/Toggleooc - Use this command to toggle whether the OOC chat is visible or not.
/list - Use this command to list online players and staff.

Character Creation:

To start creating your character, simply use the command below.
You will then get up several options in your chat which you can click and edit. You can write in your characters name, age and description, as well as selecting gender, race and nation.


Link items to chat:

Let’s you link your held item in the chat by writing in either of the options below in your message. This can be useful to show off special descriptions about your weapons or armor for example.

{ i } [ i ] { item } [ item ]

Custom item lores:

Lets you add lore and names to your items. For example if you have a sword, you can add a special description to it through lore. This also works well with being able to post your items in the chat.

/Lore name - Set the name of the held item.
/Lore add <line of text> - Add a line to the lore.
/Lore set <line #> <line of text> - Change a line of the lore.
/Lore insert <line #> <line of text> - Insert a line into the lore.
/Lore delete <line #> - Deletes the selected line of lore.
/Lore clear - Clears all the lore of the held item.
/Lore undo - Undoes your last action.

Smoking Pipes:

The beloved plugin that lets you craft pipes and ‘goods’.

To craft a pipe you can use the following recipe below:

To create the goods, simply burn oak leaves or red mushrooms in a furnace.


On Tale of Banners we have a physical currency which you must have in your inventory to be able to buy things from shops or to trade with other players. The currency takes form of golden nuggets and ingots named “Kuras”. To be able to make your first income you might want to take up a job in a city, or gather resources and sell them to shops. The currency is also used for fast travels around the map.

/balance - Use this command to show how many Kuras you are holding.

Npcs and shops:

Our server utilizes npcs to enhance immersion and bring you server shops. Npcs with a green name indicate that they are purely aesthetic. A blue name means they are a cart master, which again tells you that a fast travel point is nearby. A yellow name means they are a shopkeeper that can be traded with.

The server shops are created for availability. They can be used to some buy hard to achieve items, or to sell resources for some quick money. Prices on the server shops is intently designed to be bad, to encourage players trading with one another instead of purely using server shops.

We implemented player shops in the form of chest shops. These shops allow you to place a single kind of item inside which can be sold at your set price. You can buy from a chest shop by right clicking on it with an appropriate amount of Kura in your inventory. A chest shop will not function while you are offline unless you have created a vault. See below for information on creating a vault.



Vaults are a good place to store your Kura. Their primary purpose is to be able to use fast travel carts and to acquire transfer of kura with chest shops while offline. Without a vault, your shops will not function when you are not on the server. With a vault, all shop profits will automatically transfer to your vault.

To create a vault create a standard locked chest using LWC and then put a sign on the front of the shop. The second line should have the word [vault] written on it.


This plugin works well with the physical currency, in addition to letting you safely trade with others without the fear of not getting the items you paid for.

/Trade <player> - Send a trade request to a nearby player.
/Trade accept - Accept a trade request.
/Trade deny - Deny a trade request.


This plugin allows a user to hear custom audio tracks played on the server. Oftentimes these will simply be ambient tunes played near an npc, or sounds appropriate to the region. On occasion, such as in a dungeon they are used to set the mood. The server will prompt a user to click a link to open the audio client in their browser.

/audio - Open the link to your audio client for the session


With the LWC plugin you may safely store your belongings and currency without fear of it being stolen easily. You may in addition to protecting your chests also protect your doors, trap-doors etc. A lock costs 25 kuras and is not refundable.

/cprivate - Creates a private protection.
/cpassword <password> - Creates a password-protected protection.
/cmodify <player> - Add a player from your protection.
/cmodify -<player> - Remove a player from your protection.
/cunlock <password> - Unlocks a password protected block.
/cinfo - View information on a protection.
/cremove - Remove a protection.

For a more in-depth guide you can check out the LWC wiki here.

LWC Wiki


We're using a plugin named Brewery for the creation of custom alcoholic beverages. This plugin involves several steps and requirements for each single drink. Can you figure out how to brew each of the drinks found in our lore? You can find a link below on how the process of brewing.

Hint; Wheat or sugarcane is common ingredients in a lot of the brews.

Brewery Usage Guide

Mod Tickets:

If you are experiencing an issue on the server, we advise you to create a ticket ingame. Use it at the location of the incident. Mod tickets can be used for being stuck, theft, or bugs in general. If the problem is urgent, a moderator can be messaged on our discord server.

/ticket - Will give you a list of the available commands to create a ticket.
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