Count Valentine’s Day - Oserian Religious Celebration


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Jul 11, 2019
Count Valentine’s Day - The Annual Celebration of Love, Family and Friendship
The story of Oserian love in times of Revolt
Many around Esna know Valentine’s Day as the day to bring gifts to the apple of your eye, or to honor a fallen friend. The Northerners call it ‘Feynir’s Day’, and the Korsians refer to it as ‘Ayd’Habeb’ (Lovers Day). Yet a few know the true origin of Count Valentine and his devotion to the One, and the love for his family, his friends, and most importantly, his people.

[Count Epifanio of House Valentina]

Count Epifanio of House Valentina was the lord of a small village from the Grand Duchy of Oakenbri around 500 A.T. As one of the more lower lords of the Oserian Court, he had not much wealth, and had to rule carefully for him as his people to make a decent living. While the Court around Dunsgate and the rest of Oseria referred to Epifanio as the ‘Peasant Count’, he was a loved and respected noble within his community. As a devout follower of the One, he technically attended every weekly church mass and spoke pure and true about the One’s love and devotion to the people.

This did not prevent controversy around Count Valentina. Despite his devotion to the One, he had strong opinions about the One’s church. He truly believed that the people are more important than the One, and that we should first help each other, then make time for prayer and worship to the One. Beliefs go around that it is the One’s will to help each other, so says the Edict. His most famous quote written is ‘Cometh, Reliveth.’, meaning ‘Commit, and Relive.’ In Ancient Norvian. With this he says: “When you commit good deeds to others, others will make you relive those good deeds, returning the favor.”.

Sadly, while his popularity grew more and more, the worse his reputation became at Court. Most lords and ladies did not take his love towards the lower class the good way, and this hostility from the Oserian Court became his death.

Around 510 A.T., Epifanio was assassinated by a hired crossbowman. With a bolt to the heart, he died unmarried, and without a legacy. It is debatable that his death caused the Oserian Peasant Revolt, or that he died while the Revolt was already happening, only worsening the already dire situation back then.

[A young lovers couple from Dunsgate]

His noble home and community vanished by time, but in 725 A.T., The Grand Oserian King, together with the Church of Dunsgate, declared Count Valentine’s day as the day of Love, Friendship, Family and Peace. It became a day of celebration, laid down weapons and boundless joy for all Oserians, and years later, Count Valentine’s Day became known to all of Esna, finally giving Epifanio a legacy that would last forever.