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Adam / Byrne
Jul 19, 2020
California, United States
Crowstone Settlement Application

Written by “Mr Jibbs”

Name of the settlement: Crowstone

Thought it was a cool name, I thought of Ravenrock at first ngl

Location of the settlement (images and description):

The County of the Glacial, North of skyreach on the coast.

(Imagine broken ships instead of the houses with obvious and raggedy boarding up of the holes and cracks)

Name of the settlement creator ( User : Old_Jagar / “Mr. Jibbs” )

(This is the original creator not the current mayor)

Name of the current settlement mayor (User : Old_Jagar / “Mr. Jibbs” ):

(This is the current mayor of the settlement, should be kept updated for server records.)

Architectural style:

The settlement will have the landscape of Dawnstar from skyrim with the entire place being built apart of raggedy old ships that have sense broken down. Wood Types would vary as ships from all cultures would be used(Might have to request jungle wood for drahl ships as a building request on the forums) Ships towards the edges of town inland might be embedded into the hillside with supports beneath them.

Why is this settlement being created?

It is "intended" to be a navy harbor for averlash's future ships. It also is there to host citizens that are maybe a bit to “Loose lawed” that would normally pass skyreach due to its upholdance in lawkeeping and abidance.

Future plans for the settlement:

These ships will help the claiming of flintswood. The upholdance of a community, pirating around flintswood.

Additional information:

Players involved are Old_Jagar, Wxlt, AionTBird, Lenaviea, UltimateZZV


Jun 22, 2020
Scotland, UK
King of Averlash, Mylo Dannak, approves!

Retaking Flintswood is a priority for Averlash, and putting the Glacial to use via a new port will allow Averlash to consider naval trade in future with other foreign nations. This can only be beneficial for the North.


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Application Team
Lore Team
Sep 21, 2017
United States

Congratulations! Your settlement application has been approved.
Once your payment/payments for land have been taken you will be granted a plot.
The settlement is located on the border of two counties but this has been allowed as appropriate space along the northern coast is very limited due to geographical limitations.
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