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Aug 30, 2015
The Cultures of Esna
Welcome to the culture summary. This summary is written to provide you a brief overview of the four distinct cultures within Esna. You will find this summary very useful in providing a quick overview of each region of Esna if you don’t have the time to read through the main lores linked below. However it is strongly advised that you spend a few moments delving into the main lore linked below each cultures summary as it will help you immensely in crafting a background for the character you ultimately chose to play!

Our server is set on the vast continent of Esna, a land filled with history, which has lead to its people developing clashing cultures, and ideologies. Currently the regions and peoples are divided into four distinct groups. The native Drahl, the Korsians of the deserts, the Oserians of the plains, and the Northmen of the cold north. Each of these groups have come into being over a long period of time and developed in varying ways as described below.

Located in the center of the of Esna known as the Oserian Plains the Oserians are a people steeped in nobility. They are a highly religious group with strong political views, a large military, and many hard working men and women. Their religion is widespread across the plains, and worship is centered on the enactment of nine edicts by their one true God. Their vast farm-able lands yield a good source of crops and animal produce allowing them to expand rapidly and trade freely with other regions and people. Originating from the icy north the Oserians split off from the Northmen descending to the plains. Over the time seperated from there northern brethren Oserians have developed a unique type of civilization which still thrives to this day.

The Oserians offer good security to large parts of Esna through their mercenary forces. For those among the Oserians who aspire to keep the plains safe from safe from villany the famous knights of Oseria are true idols. They actively oppose bandits, criminals, and criminal gangs, with an iron fist, and as such Oseria is currently considered the most secure of the four regional cultures from such instances. The knights of Oseria take on the mantle of good willed people, and embody an immeasurable spirit of courage for the realm.

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Deep within the blistering hot deserts of Esna are a rich and vibrant people. The Korsians. Thier culture is one lavish by nature, with those of higher standing claiming to hold a deep appreciation of the finer things in life. The most sought after thing any individual can seek in Korsia is a refined taste in arts, music, and politics. Someone who has the means to these things will be the envy of those without. As a result of this the divide between social classes within the desert is extreme. The poor are forced to cater to those who are not little more than slaves in name, while the rich grow more wealthy from their labor.

Korsians are also considered to be the most gifted merchants on the continent. This is due to the large quantities of gems, minerals, and luxury goods which are produced within the sands, and shipped by sea through their Grand Naval Fleet.

Historically,Korsians have always been firm believers in their Sun god, but, in recent years, a portion of their people have shunned faith in the belief that everything is scientifically explainable. This has created a split within the people and has been the source of a conflict which does not show signs of dissipating.

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Up in the snow covered regions of the north Esna has birthed a culture leaning heavily on tenants of survival, family, and combat. These people are the Northerners, or Northmen, and have adapted these customs geared for survival after centuries in the harshest and most frigid climate of Esna. The Northerners face great challenges with everyday tasks and spend most of their time obtaining food, defending their territories, and worshipping the five great spirits like their ancestors before them. Deeply etched within their practices are strong views on family and honor. You will almost never see a Northerner betray his own clan or act dishonorably towards another.

The Northerners despite their harsh lives Northeners bring many resources to Esna. Their vast iron mines, forests, and expertise regarding the fields of smithing and masonry make them a talented and resourceful region. Northern territorial defense, and the staggering amount of combat that the North has involved itself in between itself and others has led to its people, despite their small numbers being some of the most capable fighters in Esna. Mercenaries from the North are a force sought after by many.

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Spread across mountains high, swamps deep, and deserts vast, the Drahl-Folk of Esna are suposedly the original inhabitants of the continent and have ties to the histories of each region. The Drahl are a collective of minor sub-cultures who slowly developed a unique identity after various disasters and tragic wars, with the most prominent subcultures being the Krelkans and the Crookmen. The "Teachings of Tsarra” is the most widespread religion across Drahl lands and are often seen as controversial due to its heavy reliance on psychedelic drugs to induce visions for a state "worthy of worship".

Drahl systems stem from the “Dark Ages” and are severely different than those of their neighbours. The Drahl do not work or have any system of employment, each individual has a duty to the realm whether they want to perform it or not. Each townsperson simply earns their own keep through trade and barter. The majority of the Drahl economy is based around weapons and herbs, which they have always been historically skilled in. Any other goods they possess are most likely gained through piracy or bandity, which the Drahl have gained a nasty reputation for. The Drahl are known for heavy usage of vigilante justice and in the Drahl people’s mostly lawless lands, you’re often guilty before proven innocent.

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