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Dec 28, 2015
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OOC Information:
Please try your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling mistakes. This is a roleplay server and if accepted, writing will be your main form of communication while online.
MC Username- hoodmaster906

How old are you?- 16

What is your favorite color?- Blue, like your eyes, bb...

Have you read and agreed to the rules?- Yes, I have.

Have you REALLY read the rules? If so which one do you most agree with?- I like the no over powered characters rule because I enjoy playing as flawed/weak characters such as peasants and I hate it when there are edgelords who can do triple backflip katana spins.

Are there any changes you would make to any the rules?(if so why?)- Not really, except maybe a bit of leniency for the "no references to culture rule" because, "muh memes". (Unless I can pm my brahs my memes of course...)

How did you find Tale of Banners?- Two guys I know mentioned it to me, Mj and AGiantPie.

Do you have any experience with other roleplay servers if so which server(s) and for how long?-
Yeah, I played on LotC, Lords of Talanor, Realms of Aryon, and Aethier. I'm not sure for how long.
If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.

What is Roleplaying?- It is to act as a character in an environment with other players and then interacting with said players in certain scenarios.

What is Metagaming?- Metagaming is taking information from ooc resources and then using it in RP. Essentially, it is cheating because a metagaming player would use information that their character shouldn't know in rp.

What is Powergaming?- Powergaming is emoting in such a way that doesn't allow your fellow rpers to properly react/interact to your emote. Example: Lars kills billy bob of appledale.

What is OOC, IC, and IRL?- OOC: Out of Character. IC: In Character. IRL: In Real Life.
IC Information:
Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.

Characters Name- Ethelred Larsson.

Characters Age- Nineteen.

Characters Race- Oserian.

Characters Sex (Male or female)-

Characters Biography (This is where you can get creative. Write down your characters story from birth to present time. Use lore and follow the server timeline, and events. Must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long)
Ethelred Larsson was born in the year 1128 to a loving peasant couple, Lars and his wife Matilda. As Ethelred grew, he did not learn much of the outside world, but instead was taught the simple life of a farmer. At the age of twelve, Ethelred became a man, or at least the closest thing to one. He began helping his father tend the livestock, sow seeds, and protect home and hearth along side his kin and neighbors.
Life was peaceful and Ethelred did not want for much, until the time of chaos when Emperor Leopold died without proper heirs. Lars, being a simple peasant, was conscripted into the local levy to fight for his lord in the wretched civil war. Ethelred was sixteen at the time, becoming the main provider for his mother, Matilda, and younger brother, Ethelwald. It did not take long for Matilda to grow weak with age whilst Lars was away at war. Eventually, Ethelred and Ethelwald's best attempts did not prevent their mother's silent passing from this life. Ethelred waited for his father's return, but he never did come back. Etherlred wondered if his father even cared, or if he had been slain, dying a brave fool's death.
As of late, Ethelred tends to the land on the outskirts of Dunsgate alongside his brother and their kin. They make a meager living for themselves, but they are a humble pair, not wanting for much.

Character Traits & Ambitions- Ethelred's truest ambition is to obtain a small fortune and to live a peaceful life with his family, living of the fat of the land.

Characters Strengths and Weaknesses- Ethelred has a head for business and farming, he can also wield farming implements quite well for a weapon... as far as peasants go. His weaknesses consist mainly of his frivolous spending habits and quick temper.

Characters appearance (Be descriptive)-
Ethelred is a young fellow with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He often wears a simple white linen shirt with brown woolen hose. He brandishes a small seax on his leather belt. There is not much to say in terms of his facial appearance other than his occasional "shite eating grin" and "merry twinklin' eyes".

Please provide an in game screenshot of your characters skin here…..

Role-Playing Scenarios:
These scenarios will be used in order to test your role-playing abilities. Please answer any 3 of the 4 scenarios listed, and remember to complete these scenarios in as much detail as possible.

Your character finds themselves in the middle of an arena with nothing more than a robe on their back. As you character looks around there is what appears to be a spear on the ground approximately 15 meters ahead of them. They’re not the only person in this arena however, with several others scattered around the arena. Each member in that arena is trying to get that spear. How does you character survive this ordeal?


Returning from the tavern after a long night of drinking, your character passes through the streets and alleyways on the short return home. However, on the way you hear a woman in distress coming from around the corner. The woman is being robbed and is clearly distraught. What does your character do next?

Ethelred draws his seax from his belt and rushes toward the scene. He calls out to the thief with a ragged breath, "Oi! What do'y think thou'r doin', hm? Unhand that woman's coin or I'll gut ye from hip t'hip!"
The thief draws a short Oserian sword, "Have at thee! Fool!"
Ethelred takes a step back at the sight of the blade, "Oi, this is an unfair fight," he cries out, "Guards! Guards! There's a thief o'er here!"
(Assuming guards show up) Ethelred joins in on the guards as they kick the snot out of the thief.
The maiden cries out as they beat down on the thief, "Get 'em boys! Get 'em! That's it!"
Ethelred look to the woman and chuckles, "'Tis all in a day's labor, missy!"


On the road passing from Oseria to Crosia, your character gets lost and ends up at Crookmire Swamp. Although lost, your character decides to stay the night in Crookmire and continue their travels in the morning. After a few hours your character begins to get hungry and heads to a local street vendor. The vendor offers you some baked goods, however warns of out of body experiences if they are to eat this food. What does your character do next, and how do they react to this situation?

Ethelred tosses his loaf of bread into the mud, "I won't eat this cursed rubbish! Especially not when some backwards swamp frog Drach baked it... sowin' their seeds of belly ache in it..."
The Merchant is understandably angered by Ethelred's actions and calls for the guards, "Oi! Guards! This Oserian foreigner is muckin' up m'wares!"
Ethelred spits off to his right, "Bah! Not until ye tried muckin' m'mind with that cursed swamp magic!"
The local Drachian guards attempt to detain Ethelred...
Ethelred willingly goes with them, spending the night in a prison cell, "Well... at least I have a bed for the night..."


In the midst of battle, your character finds themselves next a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly upset as he cradles one of his dead. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. He continues to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name is despair. Then the soldier glances up to see your character with sword in hand, but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. What does your character do next?

Ethelred raises his sword above his head, letting out a shout to scare off the foe, "Ack! Get on, ye weak bugger!" Ethelred would drop his chipped and rusty sword to the ground, dropping to his knees in exhaustion. He puts his hand upon the felled foe's shoulder with a sigh, "I understand ye pain... my father went to war n' nevah came back... n' I got a wee brother at home..." He mutters a few words before speaking up once more, "Lets get this one a fine shady tree to bury him 'neath..." Ethelred take's the corpse and throws it over his shoulder before coaxing the stranger onward through the field of corpses and violence.

Any extra information you would like to add on your application? [Optional]:


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Dec 17, 2015
I read the application thoroughly and did not manage to find anything wrong with it.

(You only needed to do three of the four role-play scenarios, by the way)

Your application has been...


Congratulations and Welcome to, "The Tale Of Banners" The land of Esna.

I do hope you enjoy yourself!
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