PENDING Diseases/Illnesses of Esna


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Dec 17, 2015
~Lore Ideas Format~

Lore creator(s): NTE_Killer4life

Lore inspiration (If any): Prebuz's lore for herbal remedies from the Drahl section

Lore (please be detailed, must be AT LEAST 2-3 paragraphs,maximum of 10 ):

Key: 1st is disease name. 2nd is where/how it can be contracted and the symptoms that follow. 3rd is a list of KNOWN cures.
Many sicknesses lurk around the realm of Esna that are caused by different factors. Whether it be spread by people or animals, all prove to be unenjoyable at the most.

Fungal Fever

The fever comes in the form of a fungus, usually grown on cold/damp areas. The only way it can infect someone is if they ingest it. The common area the fungus grows is in granaries. If the grains are infected with the fungus and they are made into bread, the person eating the bread will be infected with Fungal Fever.
  • Infected person will first hallucinate and feel very weak.
  • After the hallucinations, the infected person will begin to feel nauseas and may vomit.
  • Lastly, the infected person will develop red burning/itching sores all over his/her body and their body temperatures will escalate until it ravages their body. If no cure is ingested by the last stage of the fever, the person will die.
The only known cures are herbal remedies that are made into liquid form, such as teas. The sickness can only be spread through bodily fluid contact.
  • Silver Woundwort “The Miracle Flower” and Hydrothyria Red Waxy Cap “The Mind Mushroom”.
  • If the green/bright spores are upon the mushroom while the cure is brewing, the sickness’s symptoms will double in severity.
  • After the tea is ingested, the infected person must rest for 3-5 days.
Black Touch

The disease is carried by small flying blood-sucking insects. If the bacteria enters the bloodstream of a person, they will be infected with “Black Touch”. The insects carrying the disease are more common toward Krelken lands, though it isn’t rare to see a few of the insects wandering elsewhere.
The insects carrying the disease are called, “Punes” (Pi-Y-oo-nes) and are 1-2” in total span. While they are flying they make a tiny noise, so there aren’t sneaky. They live off of blood that is drawn from their needle like mouths.

  • The person infected will begin to develop boils that are black in color with yellow liquid beneath it. The bitten area will also swell slightly. They will hurt as if something is stabbing that particular area repeatedly. (One bite from Pune = 4 boils in a cluster of bitten area)
  • The disease is not life threatening unless the person is bitten all over his/her body or if he/she was bitten on the throat.
  • If the boils are popped before treatment, the area will become infected and even more painful.
The cures for “Black touch” are of common knowledge in the Krelk lands, but to those that are not familiar with that area, will not be aware of the cures and may need to seek someone who knows.
  • (if popped) Wrap the affected area with bandages that has a salve, created from Silver Woundwort “The Miracle Flower” that is applied to the bandages.
  • (Unpopped) Dip bandages in very warm water that is mixed with “the miracle flower” and wrap the affected area.
Grulk's Breath

The name of the respiratory disease was created by many subcultures as an insult that shows their great distaste of the Grulken way of life and some call it that because of the origin of the disease.. The disease is very rare but has been seen among the Grulken subculture at one point in time but it faded from that area. The only way the disease would come back is if a person would come across a diseased Grulken and somehow spread it.

  • Discoloration of skin around the area of the throat and eyes.
  • Coughing up bloody phlegm is a sign that the victim's lungs are filled with fluids.
  • Wheezing, irritated passage of the nose (nose bleeds occur very often)
  • The victim would feel very weak during the entire duration of the of the disease.
  • 8 out of ten times, the affected person will die from the disease.

The cure of Grulk's breath is known as incurable, though inventing a cure is not something unheard of in some subcultures. Treatments for other known diseases are fabled to have some effect on Grulk's breath and in some rare cases, it could be weakened by the treatments.

  • A blessing must be presented by a priest of some sort as a victim is being treated or he will suffer greatly.
  • Laying in bed while drinking bland broth will better the sick victim.
  • Drinking the urine of a Grulk will cure the victim of any ailment they have.

Groups/people/nations affected by lore: Any character who manages to catch it.

Location/structures/areas affected by lore: Location all depends if the sickness is spread somewhere.

Other details/Information:
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Sep 7, 2015
Personally I think the names are a bit meh. Try make it more simple a good example for Derlot fever would simply be fungal fever. I think people would name such disease for what they are unless there is some guy called Derlot who discovered the fever.

After a re-evaluation of your lore I cannot see no problem with it being implemented. Lore accepted will contact you regarding with a few wording errors however.
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