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DENIED DivineKing's Application for Whitelist

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Dec 14, 2015
Washington, DC
MC Username- DivineKing

How old are you?- 21

What is your favorite color?- Green

Have you read and agreed to the rules?- There are no rules, but I will read them once they are published.

Have you REALLY read the rules? If so which one do you most agree with?- Please read my previous answer.

Are there any changes you would make to any the rules?(if so why?)- Please read two "enters" up.

How did you find Tale of Banners?- I searched the Planet Minecraft for a Game of Thrones-themed server.


(If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.)

What is Roleplaying?- Roleplaying is acting in a certain way that fits the lore and character.

What is Metagaming?- Metagaming is when someone is roleplaying outside the lore, whether they're RP'ing like it's real life or they're making things up too far from the set lore.

What is Powergaming?- Powergaming is forced RP. For example, "Jorquen splashed his wine on Alys' gown" would be powergaming but "Jorquen attempted to spill his wine on Alys' gown" wouldn't be.
What is OOC, IC, and IRL?- OOC means out-of-character, so something you might say in a global chat on a survival server. IC means in-character, that would be something you would say when you're RP'ing. IRL means in-real-life, that's your real name, location, etc.

IC Information:

(Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.)

Characters Name- Heloise Swancott

Characters Age- 14

Characters Race- There isn't much information on the forums. However, I think think Heloise would fit as an Oserian.
Characters Sex (Male or female)- Female

Characters Biography (This is where you can get creative. Write down your characters story from birth to present time. Use lore and follow the server timeline, and events. Must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long)-

Ages 0-7:
Heloise of House Swancott was born third of three at Swancott Castle to Lady Marguerite and Lord Jacques. She is a very naughty child, often bothing washerwomen and cooks alike in the castle. She has two brothers, Brantley, the heir of 19 years, and Cortyne, a boy of 16 years. Also, there is Norayne, who was lost in the womb. Heloise grew up riding from a young age, often accompanying her brothers and fathers on hunting trips in the local forests. Due to Heloise living at a castle, there were not many children her age around. However, the master-at-arms' daughter, Larra, was a companion of Heloise. Heloise and Larra were very close, often hiding in the cupboards from their parents.
Ages 8-14:
Heloise has grown into a fine young girl, great at riding, theatrics, and the scholarly studies. She enjoyed visiting the local village, Swanton. Her middle years were a bit of a breeze, as nothing really happened. Heloise has grown into a beautiful maid. Suitors from all over are asking for her hand. Heloise, however, isn't interested (like most highborn girls). Her lady mother just cannot persuade her. (RP starts here).

Character Traits & Ambitions-
Heloise is smart. She is good with her studies.
Heloise is very proud. She looks down upon peasant and people lower than her social status.
Heloise is stubborn. She will cling to her ideas.
Characters Strengths and Weaknesses-
Heloise is a great rider. Only the castle's master of horses can rival her (and that's when she's wearing breeches).
Characters appearance (Be descriptive)- Heloise has light blonde hair worn up in templers with crespines and a veil. She often wears light colored and cloth-of-gold gowns. Her eyes are green, and she wears lots of powder.

Please provide an in game screenshot of your characters skin here…..

I used Planet Minecraft to get all the angles for my skin.
Thanks for reading my application; I hope you consider me.
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Nov 20, 2015
The Netherlands
Hello, welcome to the forums, I will be reviewing your application.

The OOC section of the application is mostly correct apart from one question and your IC information will need to be fixed before it is ready to join the server.

I would like to point out that:

  • Character is quite young and may not be suitable for RP.
  • Your Metagaming definition is not correct.
  • Characters may not join the world as instant nobility.
  • Your character needs to be balanced with strengths and weaknesses.
To put this to a conclusion your character is not fully ready to join the surver. You may keep your character but please balance it between strenghts and weaknesses. Also make sure that she is not of nobility as that is a rank which you must earn ingame from the king.

Hereby i must inform you that your application is denied.

Please wait 24 hours before re-applying for a whitelist application.
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