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ACCEPTED Dolkien - Temür's Intrigue App

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Feb 4, 2019
Minecraft name:


Character name:


Character history:

Temür, the bastard son of a failed man, yet the grandson of Vaelbo, a lion who's legacy in the pits so grand whispers rumoured he made pact with the Yaelkan God of War. Vaelbo was a lion among hyenas, bearing an iron mask throughout every battle, staining the arena with the blood of so titled "gods". Temür would grow under the guidance of his Grandfather, a man who's ultimate thirst for freedom drove him to claim it after his fiftieth victory at the age of twenty six.

Temür was deeply invested into his Yaelk culture and mythos, constantly listening to the mythological tales that his grandfather always offered. And Vaelbo would always insist that Temür hold onto his roots, for their practice was dying at such a rapid pace, and for one's culture to be forgotten was the harshest of humilities. Under his grandfather's guardianship he would learn to mount a horse at the age of 3, grow adequate with usage of both blade and yet his strength remained centralized on his usage of spear and javelin. Temür would be a joyous yet determined child, one day hoping to garner popularity surpassing that of his grandfather.

At the age of sixteen, Temür's Grandfather would fall Ill, and die. All this thanks to poison from Temür's own father (a failed which hoped to lay stake to his father's little coin to pay off his heavy debts). When Temür would hear of such things after arriving from a day's worth of riding, he would choke his father to death, carrying his corpse to the Dead Forest, unburied and forgotten.

Temür would set out at the age of 18, a sellsword, and Temür had listened to his Grandfather, as he intended to scorch his name into the annals of History in whatever way he deemed necessary, and to remain as a lowly hired blade was never a thought he wished to indulge in, for once more the Yaelk shall ride free and mighty!

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:

Well rounded character balance is a big part of being an enjoyable villainous character. (I.e equal strengths and weaknesses)


  • Horsemanship
  • Proficient with swords and archery
  • Grand at spear and javelin combat
  • Proficient Battle analyzer
  • Literate (Grandfather taught him Yaelk)


  • Throws his guts out during any time spent out on the open sea
  • Fucked Moral compass, basing everything on gold
  • Cares not for any administrative or Intellectual skill or source of knowledge
  • Constantly berates foreign gods
  • Struggles to adapt against styles of fighting foreign to him
  • Finds it difficult to challenge professional heavy mounted knights.

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?

Please list each tier and a short explanation of why you feel your character has developed some of the attributes found within the tiers.

Tier 1-

The ability to sell steal freely without humility is garnered from Temür's thought that the end always shall justify the means, a petty theft here and there. A clear example of a situation where this is perfectly plausible is if he was tasked to steal artifacts or if such an action would aid him in completing his contract. A situation where this isn't probable is when he doesn't happen to be paid at all.

Tier 2-

The act of forcing someone to submission via violence or threat is something essential for Temür's characters, his contracts being able to range from the open robbery of a man/community, violent blackmail and so on, this would also be a large option against those who mock Temür himself (Not everything is for gold, self worth is big shit).

When Temür wouldn't do such a thing would be due to it being a violation of a contract or a disgrace to his people/pride (robbing Yaelk shamans for the fun of it etc.)

Tier 3 -

Being able to organize raid parties as well as claim winnings in the form of slaves and kidnapped folk is extremely beneficial to Temür's overall character and personality. His raid parties being raised for the purposes of completing an agreement with a client (raids and kidnapping folk). If a contract only happened to be about said raid, the kidnapping of people for later random as well as the enslavement of folk fits within the culture of the great Horse Riding Yaelk.

An example of this not being possible would be if he was tasked to raid towns that had contracted him to defend said town as well as the kidnapping of close relations.

Tier 4 -

Murder, an atrocious act of pure violence that Temür is willing to do for enough coin (usually based on difficulty of the target etc). While the torture of individuals would be thanks to the payed requests of clientile. One thing that would surely turn Temür away from Murder would be violence based on petty squabbles, as he is a compensation based man not one to kill someone who harmed him without his "debt" having been payed (torture bitches). Once again torture and murder against personal connections would be outright unthinkable.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?

I believe I can bring in a unique flavor of roleplay, making use of my past experiences as usually chaotic neutral characters willing to pave their own paths and in doing so, change the courses of their worlds. The introduction of a character willing to do the dirty work of nations is a character with many allies.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

Yes of course.

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?

Of course, I always advocate for the permanent death of all characters
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Jan 8, 2016
Under review.


Once an agreement between the two reviewers is made, it will be posted on this thread, keeping in mind the discretion of a hidden application.
Do note - Intrigue applications have a long review process, this may take up to several days.


Application Team
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Application Team
Jan 3, 2016

Congratulations! Your application has been approved.
Your character Temür has been granted Tier 3 Intrigue status. You may now Pickpocket, Smuggle (and Sell Illegal Goods), Assault, Burgle, commit Piracy, Kidnap (and Enslave), and Incite Disorder as Temür.
You have not been granted Tier 4 Intrigue status at this time. If your villainous roleplay proves to be fun for others and good for the server, you are likely to be granted Tier 4 for Temür.
Please keep to the Intrigue rules as you commit villainous acts, and remember the reasoning laid out in this application for why your character commits these acts.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask me or another member of the App Team.
I look forward to seeing Temür in action.
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