Downwater’s Lament

Oct 6, 2019
A missive would be pinned on the town noticeboard. Written in an unfamiliar handwriting and no listed credits, the missive reads :

The tranquility of the tavern was broken on this day, for there definitely were more important matters to discuss. A pale-skinned woman with platinum hair entered, breaking the merriness of the tavern with plightful words aimed at the barkeep and mayor - words that spoke of all her failures that left one of the last settlements unaffected by the black death at risk. Her words illuminated the tavern, re-affirming sentience in drunkards and scholars alike. Her words implied treason as she chose successors, tacitly drafted measures, and communed with commoners as if she were the Queen herself. Her words began harshly, but in the end she easened the blow of her words with a moment of silence followed by reaffirming clarifications. She was not a Queen, or a betrayer, rather she was a paragon of truth. ‘The One’ has blessed us with a pillar of safety against an incurable malady that aims to bring about the end days - and our mayor has sat counterproductively as this pillar has been plagued with other bloodletting problems; we have been raided, our citizens slaughtered as if they were goats, our possessions stolen along with our dignity and safety. These attacks have gone unaddressed by our mayor, who is possibly complicit. As such the citizens of this town await some sort of measure, or even acknowledgement, from Mayor Anata.


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Sep 21, 2017
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Just below the above note, a smaller note is scribbled on a tiny piece of paper with several marks on various words.

Whoever wrote this, I will string you up by your legs and strip the skin from your body after I have my way with your corpse. Flavius will shove his sword down your throat if you ever reveal yourself you cowardly snakelike bastard.
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Aug 30, 2015
As Kervin walks through town, he stops next to the noticeboard. He stares at it for a moment before he grabs his flask of ale, taking a large sip from it. He then stares at it for another moment before he thinks to himself, "I better get someone to read this for me later.". He then continues on his way out of town.


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Jan 8, 2016
Talia Longwinter strided along the path by board just moments after her brother. She'd assumedly followed him to speak of the newest happenings, but stopped to look at the board. She pretended to be able to read for a few good moments, imagining a life where she had nothing better to do with her life but learn literacy. Laughing to herself, she carried on to catch up with the fellow Longwinter.
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