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Esnian Lunebugs - A Bestiary made by Ciarly Darkin

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Jul 11, 2019
This Article is written by the Character itself. All information and possible facts are debatable, as science is still a young, and unknown concept to the World of Esna. Ciarly Darkin may have been progressive in his time, but that doesn't mean he is always right. This article is Ciarly's sightings and beliefs, made into a Bestiary.
Bestiary: Esnian Lunebugs
Written by Ciarly Darkin from Saltarello

According to all known laws of nature, there is no way a Lunebug should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The Lunebug, of course, flies anyway because Lunebugs don't care what men think is impossible. Such is the way of the One, the five spirits, whoever. In any case, the properties of Lunebugs are wonderful, noble, and worthy of life.
An Esnian Lunebug out of its luminescent state

Lunebugs come in many shapes and sizes, but the Esnian Lunebug stands proud as the biggest among its foreign brothers and sisters. Another thing that makes this creature special is its luminescent properties. With this they can find each other and even signal their kin in case of danger. They belong to neither the wild kingdom nor the domesticated realm among men. Of all such creatures, Lunebugs alone were created for the sake of man. They are often born from the bodies of oxen, or from the decaying flesh of slaughtered calves; worms spawned from their mothers form in the flesh and then turn into Lunebugs.

Lunebugs make among them a king and ordain among them common people. And though they are beneath and set under their king, they are free and love their king that they make by familial love, and defend him with full and great defense. They hold honor and worship to perish and have their blood spilled for their king, and do their king so great a worship that none of them dare go out of their house. Not to get meat, but if the king passes out and take the principality of flight.

A Guardian Lunebug. His altered eyes give him better vision to guard the hive.

Each Lunebug has its own duty: guarding the food supply, constructing and maintaining their hives, watching for rain, collecting dew to make honey, or making wax from flowers. Scouts are sent to farther places if nearby flowers are exhausted. If the scouts cannot return before nightfall, they make camp and lie on their backs to protect their wings from dew. After sleeping until dawn they are woken by one of their number and all fly out together if the weather allows it.

When it comes to their produce it is believed honey comes out of the air; in falling from a great height it accumulates dew and is stained with the essence of flowers. It becomes purified after the Lunebugs collect it and allow it to ferment in the hive. Smoke is used to drive away the Lunebugs so their honey can be collected, though too much smoke makes them aggressive afterward or kills them. Lunebugs can also be excited or angered by noises or sudden moves, so be sure to approach a hive very carefully, or the hive will act out of defense for their lord and home.

The last thing to note is that a Lunebug's stinger is tied to its vital parts. Once a Lunebug uses its stinger, chances are present that it will fall off, exposing all vital parts, and bleeding out. This is probably the sole reason that Lunebugs are not naturally aggressive but only take a defensive part, in honor of their king.
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