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Estate Ownership Act

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Jan 8, 2016
A series of document-like fliers were put up against Downwater's noticeboard, the tavern, as well as each private property's door.


Legislature has been put out regarding estate within Downwater Crossing's territory, following the points below:

1. Each property requires a slot for estate title or street and number by its main entrance. The mayor's office is responsible for putting these slots and writing on them out.

2. Each property requires two deed copies. One is held in the mayor's office, the other by the property owner. The deed consists of property name, owner's name, owner's signature and mayor office's signature.

3. Deeds are required to be written by the mayor's office when an unoccupied estate is bought from the mayor.

3.1. If an estate has been occupied before the current mayor's office, a deed can be acquired for such estate if there is only one true claim to it. The fee to a deed as such is 50 kura.

4. In case of trading property, the current owner with the deed and the new owner require the deed to be re-written by the mayor's office. The fee of transfer is 50 kura.

5. In case of the deedholder's death, the deed is invalid and as such the estate is once more held by the mayor's office.

5.1. Missing, presumed dead clause: estate may be reclaimed by the mayor's office in case of the deedholder's disappearance. ((1 ooc month of not actively roleplaying, and only if someone is interested in the specific house))


Mayor ... V Silverhand

Mayor's Steward ... Selvie Atwood"
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