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Event team Application

PS Zudo

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Jun 19, 2020
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-+5.30 GMT

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
-Yes I Understand

What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?
-I think first of all understanding the purpose of the event. Second one is "timing of an event". Third one is to understanding the participant’s experience .

Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team.
-1.Tournament of Warriors: I am challenging the people of Esna who seeks for the master degree "The Warrior of Esna". There will be four precious stones held by four characters. The precious stones were the tickets to enter the main tournament for the master degree of "The warrior of Esna". The precious stones can be obtained by any players who manage to defeat the holders of the stones by duel. Once the four stones were obtained and held until the tournament's day the stone's holders will be able to enter the tournament of The master degree.
2.Thievery: Peoples of Esna will find themselves being looted by a cunning thief. They will be given clues to find the thief who looted them. Both the thieves and looted persons must DM any event team staff to be participated in the event.
3.Seremony of Oseria: A ceremony will be held in the church. There will be a lot of religious role playing and fun. Religious events like crossing hands to learn their good living. And practicing prayers of Esna. Promising the nine edicts with your whole mind.
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Sep 21, 2017
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Hi there, sorry about not getting back to you sooner. We are not taking on new staff members for right now. We will keep this in here if we need more later. Thank you for applying anyway!