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ACCEPTED FadingxAway's Event Team Application.

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May 2, 2020
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Minecraft Name:
- FadingxAway

Discord Name:
- FadingxAway#1857

- 16.

- EST.

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes, I must have a solid understanding of the server's lore; as well as being able to plan events in an organized and realistic manner. I should also be expected to play a key figure in some events, all must be done so while displaying proper grammar so that everybody is able to understand what is happening.

What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?
- There are many important things to focus on when planning an event. I would suggest the most important thing to focus on when creating an event is to plan it and plan it thoroughly. When planning, you have to take into account many factors. Noting things such as why would this event be happening? Where and who is going to be doing what? When planning an event, you must take into account the current lore of the in-game year and make sure it fits into the scene. The event should be planned according to the desired intensity. Each segment must be planned so that there is always something happening, otherwise people who partake in the event will become bored and lose interest. A time at which a good amount of players would be able to attend the event should be selected.
Another thing, just as important occurs as the event carries through: It must be monitored to ensure everything is flowing to the pace at which the event was coordinated. Events are like a watercraft in the Age of Sail. Sailors must operate the rigging to control the sails, impacting the movement of the ship. Officers aboard the ship control the helm and give orders to direct the sailors and guide the ship's passage. The sailors would be like the players who partake in the event; officers of the ship being those of the Event Team designated to partake as key figures. Remember though, for that ship to function properly it has to be planned before it is built to sail!

Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team.

Low Intensity Event.

There is a notice posted upon the entrance of Dunsgate, and throughout the town. It would read: "Hear ye, passerby! Come, stop by the river for a new contest of the sorts! He who reels in the most weight of fish shall be awarded a bag of coin and a painting of quality! Keep yer catch and sell the fish for more profits! All day, from mid-day to dusk, judges will be present. Expect food and ale!"
The event would be occurring because Dunsgate has seemed to be depleted of food, and perhaps a fishing contest could help bring more food to the town's plates. Along the bank of the river, several tents would be set up. One decent sized tent to judge the contestants results, another market style tent for the contestants to sell their catch and artists' tent would be present. Another tent with a sign posted would say "Cook yer Catch!". A smell of cooked fish would come from that tent, next to it , another tent that would be selling fishing rods. Fishermen and families alike would be casting out their nets and hook; an artist painting the scene of the fishing, while a judge gulps down ale and farts all day as he awaits dawn to come. There would be a heated dispute between two drunk fisherman, one insisted the other use a certain bait, but the man would refuse. The other drunk, feeling insulted begins a brawl with the other drunk fisherman and eventually shoves him into the river"Ye don't use thar-r You fool, swim with the fish!". The man in the water wails, causing a commotion as he cannot swim. Two guardsmen would approach, removing the two drunk fishermen from the scene. The Judge would have to be awoken from his snooze to determine the winner of the contest. The winner would be decided and awarded, calling an end to the event.
A member of the Event Team would play as the judge, and one to play the artist so that the event can be discreetly monitored. Two players would be asked to be the drunks so it is ensured that moment of the event occurs. If nobody is up to that, two members of the Event team would have to take part. Note that this and the ones below are just examples of what the event would/could be, much more planning would go toward the creation of an actual event.


Medium Intensity Event.

It would be a dark and dreary night, when the king of X Nationality would be in his study, preparing to enter the main hall for a large court gathering. The only people present in the room were the king and his trusted advisor, until an unknown servant enters the room carrying various silks. "Who are you and what do you bring, servant?" said the king. "I my lord, bring liberty for all people!" replied the servant and from within the silks, the servant draws a hidden dagger and attempts to murder the king for X political reason. There would be a struggle between the assailant and the king, his advisor would seem to be shocked. The king would shout for his guards, gritting his teeth as the dagger would find it's path to his thigh. Luckily enough, the king would manage to break off the assailant as soon as the guards have entered the room; the assailant would be placed in shackles and dragged to a cell for torture and interrogation. Somebody would have to cater to the kings wound, depending on who it is that does so, will decide his fate; speaking in terms of somebody who has experience in treating injuries. After the assailant's torture it would be revealed that it was his majesty's own trusted advisor responsible for the attempt on the kings life! The day after the incident there would be a trial held to determine the legitimacy of the accusation. Evidence would be brought forward, a signed note and a large bag of coin that was in the assailant's household. The decision would be made, the advisor and assailant would be sentenced to death on behalf of treason.

An event like this would be happening because it is the anniversary of the king's coronation, his long time political enemy whom he thought he had buried the hatchet with; wished for the heir to take the throne, so he could use his position to influence the young male's decisions. Such an event would allow participation for all sorts of players, as the main event is a diplomatic gathering, then an attempted murder and finally the trial and execution. The assailant and advisor would be played by members of the Event team so that the Event can be steadily monitored. Other administrative staff could also be present to help direct any situations.


High Intensity Event.

Some peasant walking by a local tavern sniffs the air, expecting the smell of ale, bread and horse shit, takes in a smell of burning wood. He looks to the sky, noticing a dark cloud would emerge from two houses an alley down from the tavern. The commoner shouts "AYE, AYE, FIRE! THERE'S A FIRE". From within the burning building, screams and shouts for help are heard. Throughout the city bells would ring to notify the population of the what is happening. Guardsman and commoner alike shared the task of squashing out the flames. The fire would cause great damage to the city and it's people, having brought several buildings down to nothing but ash, debris and bones. The cause of the fire would remain unknown. Once the situation has calmed down the king would decide to increase military presence throughout the city in an address to his citizens; even hiring some people to walk about the common folk and become the ears of the guard. This leaves space for another event related to the fire to be planned, in which the culprit, if there is even a culprit would be caught and punished.
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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your Event Team application has been approved.

There are only few minor issues with your application:

In example two the event revolves around a targeted attack on a noble player, please keep in mind that noble characters are played permadeath and it may not be considered fair by the player to single them out like this.

In example three the event may or may not require the burning of player owned buildings, as city buildings and settlements are safe from structural damage this kind of event may only be limited to server constructed buildings or if agreed by the settlements OOC mayor.

Apart from this I can see an outstanding understanding of how events work and how to run them!

Your ideas are well written and I feel they would be well executed, not only that you show a professional and in depth understanding of the English language.

We would be happy to have you on the team! Message me (Lena), Verando or Frigated and we will get you settled in!
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