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Flavius Caveity, Jeerer and Protector of Wealth


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Basic Statistics


Name: Flavius Caveity

Age: 24 (Deceased)

Nationality: Korsian of Telth

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Rich

Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Very Rich

Hometown: Telth

Current Residence: Downwater, Unknown

Occupation: Protector and Curator

Income: +2000 Kura Yearly

Talents/Skills: Financial Guarding, Investment Assurance, Property Acquirement

Birth order: 2nd of his siblings.

Siblings (describe relationship):

Saverio Caveity, Brother, He has an excellent relationship with his brother, although their arguments can become heated. They have always looked to each other as the strongest allies one can have.

Orenia Caveity, sister. Orenia has kept herself detached from her siblings from a young age. She was raised to be married to a wealthier family but never was. Upon Justiani’s death, Orenia received no cut of the business and cut ties with her brothers.

Spouse (describe relationship):

Flavius remains unmarried after his father forced him to separate from his love. He has vowed to never gain another attachment.

Children (describe relationship):

Ronaldo Caveity has an extremely close relationship with his uncle. Flavius has taken care of Ronaldo with Saverio gone and become closer to him than his own father.

Parents (describe relationship):

Flavius loved his mother as much as any son could. He cared for her until her passing 4 years ago. He had a close relationship due to the lack of his fathers influence. She wasn't always loyal to her husband, Justiani, but neither was he.
Flavius hated his father. This pushed him closer to his brother who also loathed their father. Flavius benefitted from his father's mistakes when his brother agreed to refuse to split the business in two, and instead they formed a joint partnership.

Relationship skills:

Flavius enjoys forcing others to do his bidding. His typical methods involve cruelty and manipulation through force. He is unable to form close relationships with anyone other than his brother because he is afraid of the consequences deep down.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 240 Lbs

Race: Korsian

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Light Brown

Glasses or contact lenses? None

Skin color: Light Brown

Shape of Face: Bulky, Chiseled with a gradient to a sharp chin

Distinguishing features: His striking blue eyes and his cold smile.

He dresses harshly in browns and blacks, preferring a set of light armor unless he knows he will be fighting.

Mannerisms: Paces rapidly, keeping his words short unless he is telling a good story. His laugh is hearty and he waves his arms expressively. He keeps himself expanded yet closed, to present himself larger than life.

Habits: (smoking, drinking, etc.): Drinks about anything. He smokes occasionally but avoids doing so around his brother. He habitually prepares a set of armor that he glances at when he wakes up.

Health: Excellent health, the peak of perfection nearly. This underlies his minor addictions to various substances.

Hobbies: He enjoys cracking skulls and women. He will go carousing with anyone he can trust to fear him.

Favorite Sayings: You good companie? Break his ass!

Speech patterns: Gruffly, intimidating, to the point.

Disabilities: None

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc.): He is not vain, but takes care of his armor well. He wears serviceable clothing beyond the armor.

Greatest flaw: Hates the weak and poor, with complete disdain, disregarding their value unless he musn't.

Best quality: His strength and brute force evolved from his time in the tournaments has made him bloodthirsty and ruthless. He can force his method to work for him nearly anywhere.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: Educated in finances, money working, and in swordplay

Intelligence Level: He pretends not to be smart, but will operate using any means available to him.

Any Mental Illnesses? Highly unstable and will cut down anyone who he deems a threat or unworthy of living. His family is the exception to the rule.

Learning Experiences: Most involve his failures due to his father's actions. His biggest was the young woman he loved being separated from him. His failures in the tournament also played a big role for him. The splitting of family wealth was a big step for him.

Character's short-term goals in life: See his wealth grow in Oseria, and be worth 50% of the Korsian Bank. Gain position in the Oserian court.

Character's long-term goals in life: Find himself at the top of the hierarchy, second to none, without any risks and without true enemies.

How does Character see himself/herself? He views himself with secret shame. He loathes his cold heart but is deep down afraid of it. He presents himself to be a proud man with a large ego.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? He believes that they should only be afraid of him. If they are not, they are stupid.

How self-confident is the character? He confident in his fighting and learning. He doubts himself socially at every corner and does not create bonds for this reason.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Flavius often pretends to be ruled by emotion, but it is all a step in his plan to eliminate enemies and have them underestimate him.

What would most embarrass this character? Being dumped on the streets as a commoner, amongst the poor, would see him feel most threatened. His weakness would be to expose his true insecurities to the world.

Emotional Characteristics


Introvert or Extrovert? Flavius is an introvert

How does the character deal with anger? He lashes out immediately and angrily. He holds no grudges because he does not need to.

With sadness? Flavius denies sadness and mourning. He has only felt sad once, and he cannot bring that emotion to bubble again, he represses it inside.

With conflict? Flavius will go a roundabout way to justify cracking a skull as soon as possible. His brother usually handles the business conflicts. He loves conflict and thrives on it.

With change? Flavius views change as another ass needs kicking into place. He doesnt care for it, but if he can fight and win, he will accept it.

With loss? Flavius becomes extremely depressed at loss, but will take it out as anger at the entire world, lashing out at those around him.

What does the character want out of life? Flavius says he wants to destroy his enemies, but its not truly what he wants. Flavius wants to feel closeness, but doesn't. He deep down wants to feel fullfilled and loved, but he cannot bring it to himself.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? Flavius wants to feel closeness, but doesn't. He deep down wants to feel fulfilled and loved, but he cannot bring it to himself. He wants to change how the world views him, but he doesn't.

What motivates this character? Flavius' principle motivator is the few close relationships he knows he cant trust.

What frightens this character? Flavius is afraid of social closeness. He will push away those who try.

What makes this character happy? His jabs and jeers against his enemies make him feel temporarily fulfilled. It is the only thing other than his relationship with brother.

Is the character judgmental of others? Flavius places judgment immediately, placing himself at the top of the pecking order.

Is the character generous or stingy? He is as stingy as one can be, giving as little as possible.

Is the character generally polite or rude? Flavius is rude unless he sees you as no threat, then he is happy to be "polite"

Spiritual Characteristics

Does the character believe in God? Yes, He believes the sun has his back

What are the character's spiritual beliefs? He holds publicly holds the belief of the Sun.

Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? Very much so, the sun shines on his back and keeps him strong.

If so, what role does it play? He prays for the sun to end his agony at any moment.

Flavius had died at the young age of 24 to Vanessa Silverhand in one on one combat, under a trial of the sun.
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And so he lived as he died, alone. Rest in peace Flavius.
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