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Sep 21, 2017
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Saverio's Intrigue Application

Minecraft name:


Character name:

Saverio Caveity

Character history:

Flavius grew his knack for villainy in the city of Telth. Saverio and Flavius earned their ways up to the title of nobility, and for that, spies were sent after the Caveity family. Survival wouldn't be easy, but it was necessary for them to progress beyond their meagre station as bankers to only the middling members of society.

To survive in such a harsh environment, Flavius and his brother both learned discretion, patience, and cunning. The will to act was most important. Without a will to act, others will act first. Flavius would always act as soon as he could. Keeping the enemy at an arms distance.

Flavius had joined a group of pit fighters in the past when his father had been teaching his brother the ways of banking. Flavius found a woman he enjoyed the company of as well away from his father’s prying eyes. When his father learned of the pairing, he forced the womans family into exile. Flavius learned of this, and in a rage after a pit match he beat opponent nearly to a pulp, Flavius was put in prison with a hefty fine. There he met a group of men who led him into Telth’s underbelly. Saverio learned to rob steal and cheat in this place. Saverio learned that he could fill the void left by his father by watching others suffer as he had. If he could see that others could feel worse than him, he may feel happy again.
The culminations of his skills came when his brother’s son was kidnapped, his beloved nephew. Saverio was at a desperate end, but Flavius had been planning on his own in the shadows. He met with a group of pirates who demanded great compensation, and they would have it. It was Flavius’ idea to break into the cargo hold of Saverio’s rival’s ship and steal the contents. Flavius led the charge, slaughtering many before they reach the main hold. Flavius grabbed as many men alive as he could for harsh interrogations using rope, stones, and whatever other tools he could find. They found the son hidden in one of the ships, ready to sail for drahl lands. It was late in the night by the time the news had gotten to him that Saverio had killed the man who stole his son.

Flavius recieved orders from his brother now, to become the face for Caveity security. Be an ideal man and tour of force that anyone would fear. His time in the pits, his banking talents, his time in the underworld, would all culminate into a monster that would frighten the world, while his brother warmed them. Together they could run the greatest bank in the world without fear.

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:

Well rounded character balance is a big part of being an enjoyable villainous character. (I.e equal strengths and weaknesses)
Flavius does not care for words. He understands them, but he would rather learn about you from a fight. He has learned fighting from his time in the ring, but was not taught schooling as much as other noblemen. He was not born into nobility, and is often looked down upon by the nobles. He takes out his frustrations upon those he views as his lessers. He tends to foster enemies wherever he goes. He also tends to avoid close relationships due to his past with his father’s agendas. Flavius does have a strong bond with his brother, and with their combined talents, they make a fantastic team.

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?
I am hoping for Flavius to eventually reach tier 5, For the start, I would like to see Flavius at tier 4 because he needs it to become the monster I think everyone will see him for. I wish for him to become an enemy anyone can get behind stopping. This could even proclude his downfall.

Commoner (Tier 0)

Flavius will lie cheat and steal to get where he wants.

Flavius will use any method of interoggation he deems useful.

Bounty hunting
Bounty hunters are useful. Eventually someone will wrong you.

Conspiracy is an integral element of any Korsians toolbox. Without it you become a tool for others to use in their conspiracy. Flavius is usually the tool of a conspiracy, but he can use others to assist him.

Flavius will fight on a regular basis for fun, especially if he has no idea who another person is.

Scoundrel (Tier 1)

Sale of Illegal goods/Smuggling
Yes, Flavius will smuggle, sell what is needed, and will bribe anyone he wants to in order to get what he wants.

Criminal (Tier 2)

Mugging / Assault

Flavius’ bread and butter is assault, fighting and beating to get the money he is owed. He has no qualms and in fact gains enjoyment from assaulting anyone. He uses it as a method to keep himself somewhat happy, by showing that others can be miserable as he is.

Flavius has committed various minor acts of piracy to further his goals, once storming aboard a ship deck to steal its cargo and kidnap its inhabitants.

Deviant (Tier 3)

Flavius can kidnap as required. He prefers to just assault people, but on occasions where he can resell someone for ransom, he has no moral qualms.

Inciting Disorder
Flavius cares little for inciting disorder, that is his brothers specialty. He goes for more direct methods. If subtly is required, Flavius does know how to push buttons.

Cutthroat (Tier 4)

Anything to help fill the hole in Flavius’ heart is enough for him. Murder is a routine job, although he doesn’t neccessarily seek to commit it out of wanton bloodlust. He expects that he may have to commit one if the other cannot commit to his ideal.

Flavius has no problem torturing those who require it. He once tortured a man to giving information the man never had. It simply didnt matter unless his business is concluded.

Psychopath (Tier 5)

Flavius may not be a total psychopath because he does understand the consequences for his actions. He does however, attempt to revel in other’s suffering, and as such it is fitting that he walks the line between sanity and insanity, looking for a way out.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?

Flavius can be a muscle for the more timid persons on the server who may not take their position seriously enough. He is willing to bring a combination of the depth of grand planning and brute force of a berserker. I believe that Flavius could indeed become a serious source of hatred for many.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

I understand completely. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?

(Only applicable for intrigue tier 2 or above, if you’re just applying for tier 1 do not include this)

Of course, Flavius has always sought after death, his or others.

Additional information:

Flavius has gotten into multiple fights in his time on the server, and has shown his willingness to kill.

Any questions about the character, or what im hoping he will do, or anything else, message me (Verando) on discord.
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