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Giant Coldsnap Spider

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Oct 7, 2019
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≀Giant Coldsnap Spider≀

The giant coldsnap spider is a very large and aggressive species that thrives on its carnivorous habits. They tend to stick to caves but can roam outside if they are desperate enough for a meal. They attack with a set of vicious fangs that can inject a harsh dose of venom as well as their two long, front legs that bear a set of sharp claws. Their venom is not deadly on its own, but it causes immense pain in the area and if left untreated, can lead to skin rot. They commonly feed on anything smaller than an oxen and will bravely face human opponents to the death. Caves that occupy these creatures often are covered in webs that these creatures create. The webbing itself is sticky and will easily restrain creatures if they are not careful.

If you stumble across a particularly large nest, the coldsnap spiders might have laid eggs and covered them under a thick layer of webbing. Found in the webbing is usually the scraps of any creature, human or beast, that have wandered a bit too far into their domain. Usually found in these nests are an even larger variant of the already gargantuan spider. They are generally the ‘mothers’ of these eggs and will protect them to the death. If you are brave enough and skilled enough to slay such a creature, the eggs are quite valuable and are used in expensive dyes across the land. Poison can also be harvested from these mothers, something that is different from the smaller variant. You can usually harvest one or two doses worth of poison that is commonly used in arrows and slathered on swords to inflict pain on the battlefield. One dose can affect 3 arrows or one blade for a few swings, but because of how dangerous it is to acquire, it is not usually seen in battle very often.
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