Great White Bear


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Oct 7, 2019
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〃Great White Bear〃

The massive and voracious great white bear is found exclusively in the frozen tundras of the north. These massive creatures weigh between 700 and 1500 pounds and span a total length between 8 and 10 feet. The females of this species are almost always on the upper side of this spectrum. These mighty beasts wield a massive set of teeth and two sets of forward claws that can measure up to a foot in length. They usually travel alone except for when a female accompanies her children. Records state they can have up to three cubs which the mother alone takes care of for two months before separating and continuing their lives. Although rare cases have occurred where siblings can travel in a pack until late adulthood. The white bears are greatly insulated by their fur to combat the harsh, winter colds and are hunted for this very reason. Few furs can compete with the insulation properties of this mighty creature but the risk almost outweighs the reward. These creatures are completely carnivorous and their diet primarily consists of seals and salmon, but will attack anything that the bear thinks it can take on. Many talented hunters have lost their lives to this dangerous predator and for most people should be avoided at all costs.