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MineCraft Username(s):
How old are you?
What is your favourite colour?
Black Or Navy Blue
Have you read the rules?
Do you fully agree to the rules and...
If yes, which is your favourite?
If no, what would you change?
Yes, My Favorite is the vanilla combat rule.
How did you hear about Tale of Banners?
I discovered it on the Interwebs.
What is your previous roleplay experience?
Is there anything you would like to add?

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Terms & definitions

What is roleplaying?
To take up the Role of a fictional character, this is just more than just saying that you're the character you are also role playing as a person is a huge world that is telling one big story and you are just a tiny piece of the puzzle.
What is powergaming?
Power Gaming is when force your action onto someone for no reason like as if you walked up to someone and did an roleplay attack and expected the person to play dead.

Such as: ***Tyroth Stabs Bobby Jeff with the most perfect precision so that Bobby Jeff can do nothing to stop him because he is simply to powerful!!!!!!!!***
What is metagaming?
Metagaming is when you use out of game knowledge or sources to your advantage in the game. An example of this would be if I were to talk to my friend in team speak who said that he was in a fight and he needed help by his house and I proceeded to go there and try to save him.

What is a Mary-Sue?​

A God Tier or Perfect Character, with almost no imperfections at all.

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MineCraft skin's screenshot:

Havoc Pic.png

Tyroth Rharn
Story & details:

Tyroth Rharn, A Name that will soon strike fear into the people of the Realm, was born to a loving family, his mother Elizabeth and his Father Ruthern lived in a small manor in the woods. When Tyroth was only 5 he would have been in the manor with his mother before hearing his father running to the manor. HIs father would run in and lock the door behind him and begin barricading it. Elizabeth would as "What is it!?" as she'd move to Tyroth. Ruthern would respond "They're Orc Raiders!, Get my axe! NOW!" He'd say continuing to barricade the door.Elizabeth would get the axe and give it to him returning to young Tyroth's side. Ruthern would move them into another room and lock the door. The entire world would sound as if it went silent in that very moment to Tyroth, followed by the sound of repeated pounding on the front door of the Rharn Household. The sound of falling furniture would follow. Ruthern would be axe readied standing inbetween Tyroth Elizabeth, and the door. The second door would begin shaking as it is also being kicked on. The door would bust open as the first two Orc Raiders would run through, Ruthern would swing his axe like a mad man as he'd take down the first Orc, Then grabbing the Second orc's head and bashing it against the wall as 2 more Orcs would flood through and subdue Ruthern. The Orcs would tackle him. The largest Orc, presumed to be the leader, would walk in and grab Ruthern by the collar and drag him outside, Followed by a swift swing and a squish Ruther would be dead. The 2 Orcs left standing in the room with Elizabeth, who'd be crying and holding the unshaken Tyroth, would go and take Elizabeth and gag her and tie her up. They'd go to trade her off into slavery as the Alpha Orc would enter the room again. He'd go and kneel to Tyroth, noticing he is unshaken and say "You'll come with me."

12 Years Later:

The sun would be setting. Tyroth would be surrounded by orcs, he'd be wielding an axe as they are wielding axes as well. He'd fight them off and not kill any of them, as the Alpha Orc would come out applauding him, "You have become a great warrior!" He'd say to Tyroth. Tyroth would nod "You have taught me well." He'd say with a straight face. They'd go off to eat Dinner "Come Tyroth you've earned it." Alpha would say waving him along. Tyroth would stop and say "I'll be there in a minute." He'd say walking towards his hut. He'd move a small crate over revealing a pack filled with gear, food and everything he needs. Tyroth would grab it and make a move to run off, Knowing what the Orcs had done to him. Alpha would be waiting right outside his hut, "So You're leaving I see." He'd say arms crossed. Tyroth would drop his pack and draw his axe "Well, I guess I'll have to kill you first." Alpha would grab his axe "You guess correct." The two would fight neither taking any real blows other then the occasional punch or elbow until Tyroth would manage to trip Alpha. Alpha would look up to Tyroth "Will you really do this to your family?" He'd say as Tyroth would ready his axe. "You're no family." He'd say slamming his axe down into Alpha's head. Tyroth would then grab his gear and run off. He'd Live in the woods by himself.

To Be continued.....

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Open-ended questions
At least three must be answered. Delete the spare(if applicable).
You find yourself in an arena surrounded by high sandstone walls. Much like all the dozen of strangers in the arena, you only have a robe - the single weapon is a spear on the ground, in the very centre of the arena. You are a short sprint's distance from it - closer than most of the others - but even so the others have already spotted it and are running to grab it. They seem to be ready to fight for their lives. You...

Run for the Spear and grab it, using it to fend off from the closest threat (The Closest Person) and try and make it to a wall so you're back is not vulnerable.

You're heading home after some drinking at the tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewellery on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...

Tackle the Thief in an attempt to subdue him and try and yell for help from the tavern, hoping that you can help the lady as well.

In the midst of battle, you find yourself approaching a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly in terror as he cradles one of his dead. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. He continues to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name is despair. Then the soldier glances up to see you - with your weapon up - but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. You...

Swing Downward onto the Soldier in an act of Ruthlessness, for There is no cowardliness in war.



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Dec 17, 2015
Hello, I am NTE_Killer4life and I will be reviewing your whitelist application today. I apologize for the incredibly long wait. Your application has been put on...
  • Human isn't a race listed. Yes, they are humanoid in form but go by different names. Please consult the lore and choose one. Oserian, Grulken, etc.
  • Orcs do not exist in this lore. Please alter your backstory for your character to fit the lore.
  • Your backstory is a bit cliché. Also, please expand upon it and be more descriptive.
  • There are a few grammar mistakes in your backstory.
  • Please expand upon all scenarios and be descriptive as if you were writing a story. Paint an image in the reader's mind.
Failure to make the above changes 48 hours from the time of review will result in automatic DENIAL of this application. You will then have to wait 24 hours from time of DENIAL to reapply.

Reviewed: May 22nd, 2017 @ 1:47 PM EST
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