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House Dannak Nobility Application

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Jun 22, 2020
Scotland, UK
Main Family Culture: Northern

Family Surname: Dannak

House History
(Please include at least two to four paragraphs of the history of the house, the date of its official founding or recognition, and any significant events leading up to the current date. Also explain how and why the family is elevated to the rank of nobility. Using pictures and font styles for extra dramatic effect is also encouraged):

House Dannak, though only recently known as such, could trace its history back hundreds of years, serving Clan Gunderson as part of its extended family of Clans in the time before Throrgar. When the Clan moved to the North Summit, chasing tales of iron which did not come to pass, the men and women that swore fealty to them dwindled; soon, only the extended Gunderson Family remained, the Dannaks at their side. Runa Gunderson, Mylo's Mother, opted to elope with Ogmund Dannak, Mylo's Father in 979 A.T. to their ancestral homeland in Flintswood. Though they at first maintained contact with the larger Clan Gunderson, they grew increasingly more insular as time went on. Raising their only son in seclusion, in the outskirts of West Flintswood, they were both claimed by illness in 1000 A.T, leaving Mylo to journey ever Northward.

In the year 1004 A.T, Mylo Dannak met then Mara-Lee Chabot, ruler of the Drahl Settlement Skyreach. Whether it was Mara's stern, no nonsense attitude, or the settlements proximity to the Northern Summit Holy Site, Mylo opted to move their with his cousin Torvald, being one of the first to do so. Though he could hardly explain it himself, Mylo saw something in Mara-Lee Naiman. A ravenous ambition, for sure. But one that came from a place of genuine concern and care for the North, he thought. Mylo devoted himself to the ideals of Averlash, the Naiman's, and Mara. He was made Marshall of Averlash, in command of her military. When Mara was struck with illness, he was named Regent of Averlash, acting as the intermediary between her people and Averlash's ruler. It was only when Mara left the Crown of Averlash to him did Mylo understand his purpose, what he left Flintswood all those years ago in search of; Unite the North under one banner. Protect the North from those who would seek to harm it. This was definitely not what he had in mind. But it was definitely one way of doing it.

His Coronation in the year 1008 A.T highlighted this to him; Cultists of the Children of the One marched their forces upon Skyreach, intent on taking Mylo into custody upon fabricated charges. Foreign invaders, who forced their warped version of the One upon even their own kin, if their claims of conquering Dunsgate where to be believed. Foreign invaders, who were intent on conquering Esna, if the sickening glee their soldiers took putting Skyreach to the sword were anything to go by. Mylo acted in response to these facts; the Cultists all slain to a man, their heads adorning pikes, fastened to the walls of Skyreach. Their "envoy", Brother Solomon, dismembered and gibbeted by the Eastgate for all to see. The North would not bow to these invaders; Mylo intends to make sure it does not break from within. If Mylo cannot see this enemy slain in his life, it will be entrusted to his heir or spouse. Neither of which he currently possesses.


Patriarch or Matriarch character name: Mylo Dannak.

Please find the link to Mylo's backstory in the bottom of the page.

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username: TagTeamChampion

Head of Household’s Discord Username: PurpleKnight#0553

Family Members: Mylo Dannak, first of his Line.

House Banner: Red Base, Grey Bordure Indented, Green Flower Charge2020-08-28_12.22.59.png

(Optional) House artifacts, coat of arms etc
If you wish describe any artifacts, a breakdown of the coat of arms or even any unique quirks individual to the family:

A note on the Dannak Banner: Though House Dannak likely claimed a variation of the Gunderson banner in the height of their influence, such records have been lost to time. Mylo attempted at first to use the Crest of Averlash as a basis for his own heraldry; after all, he owed his current position to Averlash/Mara herself. That being said, the current banner is far departed from the Crest, but bears some similarities, in honour of House Dannak's origins, owing both to the red and greys commonly adopted by the Gundersons, and the Green Flower, somewhat indicative of Averlash's Crest

Link Area:
Mylo's Backstory: (Mylo Dannak, High King of Averlash)
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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your noble bloodline has been approved!

Your house is now part of the official server history and canon.

You are also able to claim a county and develop a nation!

We have designed a new noble bloodlines area of the forums here: (Noble Bloodlines)

Here you can make a main post for your house which you can design yourself, it will also act as the main page of your house listing all active members and help players find and join your bloodline.

We are accepting this application due to Mylo's current occupation and the blessings of the previous ruler of the Nation of Averlash.
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