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House de Nordmand


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Dec 18, 2019
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House de Nordmand

Main Family Culture

Oserian (Northern)

Family Surname:

de Nordmand

House History:

The Founding:

The accounts of the youth of Olo de Nordmand, the founder of House de Nordmand, were not recorded in any biography during his lifetime. As this is the case, details regarding the earlier years of his life are obscured to modern keepers of history. It is known that in 780 A.T. he was born “Olo Nordmanthr”, the son of a minor chieftain of a sea-raider tribe living somewhere in the Northern fringes of the known world. It is also known that he – like many of his sea raider kinsmen – engaged in pillaging the fertile lands to the south. He gradually became infamous in the (Second) Grand Kingdom of Oseria, taking advantage of the ongoing Korsian invasion to raid poorly defended costal settlements with his band of raiders.

The firsthand written historical accounts of the man come from Oserian scholars and cover the portion of his life spanning from the period immediately prior to his vassalization under the Grand King of Oseria to his death in 847 A.T. Desperate for troops to garrison the northern realms during the prolonged Korsian invasion of 776 A.T., the Grand King of Oseria brokered a deal with Olo and his band of sea raiders in 801 A.T. They would swear fealty to the King, convert to the Path of The One, and protect the region west of the Dunsgate wall from Korsian raiders. In return they would be granted land, guaranteed autonomy, and the title “Lord-protector of the West.” Olo accepted and, to express his loyalty to his new liege, he changed his and his descendants’ surnames to the more Oserian-ized Nordmand. At the final battle of the Korsian conflict in 815 A.T., it was he that would lead a cavalry charge into the flank of the Korsian lines that caused the main force to rout. Olo passed away at 67 years of age after a long and prosperous life in 847 A.T. from a stroke.

Over the next five generations, the descendants of Olo quickly assimilated Oserian culture. They became fervent followers of Path of The One, some intermarried with Oserian spouses, and they gave their children Oserian names. Berserkers and huskarls became antiquated as the Nordmands became masters of cavalry – some citing them to be the inventor of the couched lance, referencing Olo’s charge as the first use of that technique. However, despite their assimilation into Oserian culture, the restless spirit of their Northerner ancestors still flows through the veins of Olo’s descendants. Many bastards and those in cadet branches of House Nordmand now roam the land as mercenaries, seeking to claim glory and fortune for themselves in the courts of far-off lords.

Present day:

The Great Death decimated the lands of House Nordmand, just as it did for many Oserian provinces. All its landed members were wiped out by the plague, though those who had traveled to the far-flung reaches of the world in search of fame were mostly spared. Because of the deaths of its landed members and their descendants it is now unclear who is the rightful heir to the Nordmand titles, though there appear to be many claimants. Currently a bastard named Robert de Nordmand seems to be the most legitimate heir to the dynasty, though time will tell who else rises from within the house to contest it.

Patriarch or Matriarch (leading house member when applying) character name, (and a backstory if you wish)
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Robert de Nordmand, AKA Robert Longsword:

Some would describe Robert as a hero; a stalwart defender of the Path of the One amidst the cultists that occupy Oseria. Others would describe him as a common bandit in noble’s clothing. Whatever the case, he has a reputation for being ruthless towards his enemies and generous towards his followers.

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Family Members
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Robert de Nordmand – Cranky_Varangian




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The One’s Own Fist: A longsword owned by Olo de Nordmand, presented to him as a gift by the reigning Grand king of Oseria upon Olo’s conversion to the Path of the One. Being made of the finest materials available to the Grand Kingdom at the time, its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Inheritance law:

Nordmand law differs from Oserian when matters of inheritance are concerned. Nordmand inheritance law is Ultimogeniture, meaning that upon the ruler’s death the youngest child of the ruler receives all his titles. This ensures stability in the realm, as lands stay in the hand of a single ruler for a longer amount of time.


Those of House de Nordmand are nearly indistinguishable from Northerners in body, sharing a greater percentage of genetics with them than other Oserians. They have light blue eyes and light-brown, red, or blonde hair. Their fashion is notably Oserian, however, with their women dressing in more modest attire than their northern counterparts.

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